30 DAY




Do you wake up and rush to start your day?

Want to hide under the covers?

Do you wake up feeling ‘bleh’?

Do you wake up running your to-do list over and over again in your head?

Or are you a scroller? And without even thinking about it, you log-on to social media as soon as you wake up?

Eek! I’m guilty of that one!

Is that really the first thing you want to be filling your mind with when you wake up?  I didn’t think so.


I used to rush out of bed, almost tripping on my step, to get ready to charge through my day. The rest of my day would look pretty similar to how it started. I’d be tripping over, bumping into things, always forgetting where I put stuff, and by the afternoon I would have a massive slump. In the middle of my slump I’d tell myself, “This is how it is for everyone, Kira. It’s busy, it’s hectic. You’re supposed to feel like this if you’re working hard and trying to make a difference.”


But you know what… this is NOT how I’m supposed to feel!

And it’s NOT how you’re supposed to feel either!


You deserve to wake up feeling good!

Positive and strong.

A fireball, in control of themselves and their day.



And you deserve to start your day like that TODAY.


Yes, enough is enough.  No more dragging yourself out of bed, or jumping out on high-speed.

Your body and mind use sleep as their time to self-heal and re-energise. And you, my friend, need to honour that process.  You need to stop un-doing all the healing work that’s been going on during the night.


And you need to stop TODAY.



Here’s how:


Every morning I wake up and sit at the edge of my bed with my legs hanging over and my feet off the ground. I whisper an intention for the day before I put my feet on the ground and press “GO”.  It’s so simple and only takes a few seconds. But it gets me started with a positive intention, and then I just get on with things. I get busy, I move fast, I make stuff happen. And I feel good!




Start your day the right way.

Feel more energised, positive, in control, and fire-ready.

Start TODAY.



How to do it:


Before you get out of bed, sit up straight with your legs hanging over the edge and feet off the ground.

Keep your eyes closed.

Take 3 deep breaths.

Say your intention.

Take 1 more deep breath.

And then put your feet on the ground.


You’re fire-ready.

Go out there and make stuff happen. And feel good while you do it!



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Let’s wake up the world, together.