The Spotlight: Helping Syrian Refugee Kids Through Education.

Date: May 17, 2015

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I stumbled across and Instagram page about a year ago called Books Over Bombs. I was instantly drawn in by the posts the organisation was sharing through their page, and I went to their website to check it out some more.

The organisation spoke right to my heart. It was helping children of Syria recover from war trauma and live a better quality of life through education. It was an advocate for responsible and conscious fashion, and it was founded by a young woman living between Dubai and Perth, Australia, which had been my home for many years.



In this special episode of The Spotlight, I interview Bianca Hadzic, the founder of Books Over Bombs Foundation.

Bianca talks about the work she is doing to make a difference in the lives of the children of Syria. Her approach to raising funds to help these children is refreshing and enlightening, and as you will see she is on a mission to be a force for good.

There is nothing I love more than meeting someone with drive, passion, a desire to change the world, and the fearlessness to put themselves out there to do it.

Bianca is that kind of woman.

Watch this special interview by clicking below.




The purpose of The Spotlight is to highlight soulful organisations that are leading from within and creating positive change in the world.

Below are the ways you can support Books Over Bombs.

– Visit to make a donation, buy one of their funky tees, and learn more about BOB.

– Share this video with everyone you know by clicking the share buttons below. Awareness is a big part of what BOB is about. As Bianca mentioned in the interview, as the days pass we can often forget about these children.

– Offer a prayer, good vibes, and love.


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Thank you so much for watching. With love, Kira x x


(all images courtesy of BOB Foundation Ltd.)

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