The Spotlight: using art to transform the lives of children in need.

Date: July 6, 2014

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As many of you know, I spent years working as a therapist with autistic children in Australia. Working with these children was so rewarding and it is something I am still very passionate about. I witnessed incredible transformations in the lives of the children I met and whenever I think about them I feel deeply moved. They are amazingly resilient, loving, and inspiring.

What I found while working with special needs children is that there was a big emphasis on traditional education. I know that providing every child with basic education really does give them the best opportunities for their future. However, what I noticed was how effective and beneficial non-traditional education and alternative therapies were for these children.

As a creative person myself I know how important it is for me to be able to express myself through the arts. Whether it’s through writing, singing, painting, or dancing, it doesn’t matter. For me I have always loved the arts, and it has been the outlet I needed to express myself, create, relax, and experience joy.

I believe it is vital that along with a traditional education we also use creative modalities as a way of educating and empowering our children. It should not be a more important vs. less important kind of thing. It should be a balance. Along with an education in maths, literature, and science, every child should also have access to education in dance, music, art, and art history. Some children have no access to education at all, and as our global community continues to try to change that, we must provide them with the education they need to give them the best possible chances in life. My hope is that one day creative arts will also become a part of this, and be accessible to all children. The organisation I feature in this v-log is helping to do just that. They are providing children in need with an education and experience of art.


In this v-log I interview Nicola Lee, who is the Director of START, a non-profit organisation helping children in need. START began in Dubai, and has now spread throughout the Middle East and India. The organisation provides creative art resources, workshops and education to special needs children and orphans throughout the region.

Nicola tells us about the organisation and how we can all get involved. She also shares some personal stories about how the organisation has changed the lives of the children she’s met.

Watch the v-log now by clicking on the video below. Enjoy.



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