An Insight Into How I Journal To Stay Happy

an insight into how i journal to stay happy

Date: May 11, 2016

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I journal with the intention to clear out negative or low-vibe thoughts, but to also affirm how I want to feel and be throughout the day.

I use journalling to create a new thought or thought pattern to replace any thoughts that are not soul-serving.

Often my journalling leads into some sort of inspiration for a blog post, as it did today.

Here’s what I wrote just a few minutes ago –


A little bit of doubt is creeping in – I see you.

But I am moving forward.

I am holding the vision.

Trusting the process.

All is well. I am all in.

Giving everything I have to spoil, delight, and inspire my community.

I feel amazing. People are signing up for my VIP Day straight away. The price is perfect, and the value is phenomenal. I am doing something unique, fun, and LIFE CHANGING, and people absolutely love it.

I feel at ease and I’m having fun. I knew this bit of resistance was going to show up. That old guy, self-doubt. You’re here, I know, but it’s your turn to sit in the backseat right now.

I have a bigger thing going on, something that is going to change people’s lives, and will be fun and fulfilling for me.

I close my eyes, and breath in.

I trust.

Everything is working the way it’s supposed to be.

There is nothing to be worried about.

It is as it is.

This moment itself, is full of light and so much joy.

I know self-doubt and self-sabotage like to show up on the things I care most about.

They try to tell me I’m not good enough or deserving enough of having what I truly want.

I hear what they say, but I don’t pay attention.

I focus on the vision and the feeling I want right now.

Because all of the feelings that are possible to feel are available to us in every moment.

It is what we focus on that becomes what we experience.

So I focus on feeling light and powerful.

Powerful in the sense that I know my worth, my value, and I know my power, my inner power.

I will not be blown off track by my own little emotions, or my inability to control my mind and focus on what I truly desire.

It’s taken me years to not be swept away by my thoughts and emotions, and I admit there’s still some days I run away with them.

But I have reached a point now in my life where nothing, and I mean nothing, can throw me off my path.

And by path, I mean my path of peace, potential, and a purposeful life.

I’m at a point now where the ride is fun. And the waves can coming crashing around me as much as they want, but this ship of mine will not sink.

It WILL NOT be blown off course.

There’s such a sense of ease that comes from knowing you are the captain of the ship, the ship being your own life.

And you have the ability to sail wherever you choose.

And God guides you, and somedays tests you, with his winds and his waves, but you’re ok with that.

Every morning you lie on your back and look up at the sun, letting the heat hit your face, knowing that there’s some things in this world that never die.

You see the sun as your soul and your soul as the sun, and you know that no matter how many clouds or moons come and go, there’s nothing in this world that can truly touch you.”

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