Are you getting in the way of someone else’s healing?


Date: December 1, 2014

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I want to be completely honest with you.  I haven’t been serving you in the full capacity I know I can.  I’ve been hiding a little bit.  I’ve been playing it safe.  And it’s not working.  It’s not what’s right for me, and therefore it’s not what’s best for you.

I’m kind, reasonable, and calm by nature, but I’m also realistic, practical, and pretty good at telling hard truths.  So consider this a little warning.  :) Things are going to be shaken up here, and as a result bigger, scarier, deeper, transformations are going to happen!

One of the challenges we face is balancing our desire to help others and be of service with having our own personal boundaries, and an ability to stand back and allow another person to go through whatever it is they may be experiencing at that time.  I don’t say this as though I’ve mastered it.  It’s something I continuously work on.  As someone who works in the health and healing industry it’s so important that we understand the ways in which we can sometimes, unknowingly, interfere with another person’s healing.

It’s really not easy, but developing this level of strength and understanding will protect you from taking on the weight of another person’s problem, and in doing so you will be more effective in the ways you do help them.

Problems are opportunities for deep healing to take place.


In the v-log below I explain how to allow this healing to happen.




Like I said, this is not an easy thing to do, but it’s necessary that you begin to look at the ways in which you are responsible for your own healing, and know that everyone else also has their own capacity to find solutions and answers, and to heal.

If you are working in the health and healing professions, or this is something you struggle with then get in touch via email to learn about the ways in which I can help you.

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With love always,   Kira  x x

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