Date: May 20, 2016

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That elusive thing that everyone is chasing.

The thing that feels so far from where you’re at now, but so achingly necessary.

The thing you haven’t quite been able to figure out yet.
This is the only thing you really want me to know from me.

How do I find it?

On the yoga mat you say “I want to be flexible”, but no, that’s not only it, you want to be flexible while maintaining your strength. You want more balance in your body.
For your health you say “I want to be really healthy”, but no, you want to feel healthy, but you don’t want to have to give up everything you enjoy.
Money – you say “I want to manifest more money”, but no, you want to manifest it WHILE still staying humble, honest and aligned with your spiritual beliefs.
Work – you say “I want to show up and give it my all and be successful on my own terms”, but no, you want that, but you still want to have time to nurture the relationships in your life.
Freedom – you say “I want to be free to live as I please”, but no, you want to live as you please and be free, but also have a level of security and stability in your life.

The PROBLEM for you with finding balance, is that you’re an all or nothing kind of person. So you struggle to sit between two of anything, you’re either all-in or all-out, and balance is the one thing you have no idea how to figure out.
And this is where I can help.
I found it. I found my balance. I created it.

Step 1 is to figure out what balance means for you.
Step 2 is to actually realize you ARE already balanced. It’s your natural state.
Step 3 is to stop resisting and fighting against your natural state of balance and instead find a few simple tools that help you get back to it.


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