Life IS balanced. It’s you that’s not.

Date: May 30, 2016

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Your focus is sporadic,
Your thoughts are scattered.
Your heart’s a mess.


You cannot CREATE balance.
Because balance already exists.
It’s already been created.


You cannot FIND balance.

To think you need to find it means you think it’s lost, and you’ll never have something you don’t believe is available to you now.


You feel balanced on vacation or when you rest on the weekend because you BELIEVE that balance exists in those things.


Balance exists everywhere.

You  just don’t believe it.


Yet…. :)

Instead of trying to CREATE or FIND balance, here’s what you can do instead –

Live fully.
Be present.
Move on.
Breath deeply.
Believe balance already exists.
Show up for yourself and your life.
Live and lead from within.


I promise you, if you can do these few things instead of slogging away dying trying to create something you can’t actually create, you will return to your natural state of balance and you’ll be shocked at how easy it was!


It’s not hard to feel balanced and live a balanced life.

I should know. I’ve wrestled with my driven, creative, obsessive, addictive personality for thirty years, to only now have returned to balance once and for all, and with ease. :)


For most us, the struggle comes from not being consistent with the few things I mentioned above.

Of course, these things are no quick fix, and definitely not an ULTIMATE fix, but they’re a hell of a lot easier to do than to try and FIND balance.


The only thing that determines whether or not you experience balance day-in and day-out forever and ever is how consistent you are with doing the things I mentioned above.


If you have no idea where to start or you get what I’m saying but know a lack of consistency is what’s holding you back, then shoot me a private message and I can let you know what support and mentoring opportunities I currently have on offer.


I’d love to show you how to stop fighting the fight to have more balance in your life when there’s really no need to fight for it at all!


Love, Kira xx

How To Get What You Want At Exactly The Right Moment

Date: May 29, 2016

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I’m so fed up with the current state of the personal development industry.

Where are the greats of this industry?

The fearless warriors.

The ones who actually practice what they preach.

But also live, and live FULLY.

Stand up now!

Because I’m fed up with seeing so many people get lost in the books, the courses, all the online, social media “inspo” hype, and in the process, totally loosing connection their own power and voice.


Just last night I had this very conversation with a woman who said she spent two years spinning around in that state of not knowing who she was, and not being able to listen to her own inner voice.


I’m also fed up with people telling you change takes time, or that there’s no quick fix.


I mean really, is that how small we’re thinking these days?

What happened to the magic of miracles, of overnight transformation, instant healing?


It takes as long as you allow it to take, which is usually based on how long you believe it will take.

When did we lose sight of what’s possible and confine ourselves to the safe option, that is to say, small expectations?

Are we not living in the most advanced state of human existence ever?

We’re able to fly into space and cure long-standing illnesses, yet for you to lose 5 kgs you’re going to have to slog at it for years?


Low expectations breed low results.

I get that it takes courage to have high expectations,

And I know the world is telling you to go easy on yourself, and not expect so much from others, or from life.


Stay humble and accept what you have, they say.

But take a moment right now to think – How would things be different if you truly expected the best possible things to happen to you?


What would be different if you expected change to be easy?


What would be different if you expected more of yourself, not from a place of feeling like you’re not good enough, but from a place of knowing how powerful you truly are?


What would be different?


I get that your parents, partner, friends, boss, community, country, the whole freakin’ WORLD try to keep your expectations low, and your life, your happiness, your potential small.

But it’s not an excuse.

You can choose to stop buying into the idea that you’re not enough.

That if you read enough books, do enough things, and give up enough of your time that, only THEN, will you get what you’re seeking.


The only place you get what you want is NOW.

And the only way you get it is to expect it. Now.

And the only place you find it is from within. Now.

Getting lost along the way is part of being on the path.


We all get lost in the world for awhile before we come back home to ourselves.

If you’re on your way back, stay close to those who have already made it home.

And instead of desperately seeking a teacher, a book, an answer, flipping through pages, giving up gluten, and punishing yourself for that time you didn’t pray for peace…

Stop –

And ASK.

Ask to be guided.

Ask to know more.

Ask for an answer.

Then forget about it and get on with LIVING.

Here’s Where You’re Messing Up The Whole Gratitude Thing

Date: May 28, 2016

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You’re so grateful for all that you have,

Only you don’t mean it.

Not truly.


You say you’re thankful, but out of guilt.

Out of fear.


You remind yourself of how lucky you truly are,

Because otherwise you can’t stand to face those less fortunate.


You think it’ll make you a bad person if you show off your success.

And we can’t have that now can we?



Oh no, not at all.

Only kinda, since you not owning, even flaunting, what you have.


Zipping this way and that to hide it, or minimise it, and deflect it, is NOT HUMBLE. It’s UNGRATEFUL.


You’re not owning what you have, you’re not recognising it, acknowledging it, giving up space for it.

You’re hiding it!


Who, my dear, ever told you that being humble or quiet about the things you have created or attracted into your life shows gratitude?


Honey, show how freakin’ thankful you are by putting it OUT THERE!

Be proud of what you have, and let it shine.

Don’t shun it.

For heaven’s sake, it’s ok to have what you have.


What if you were to change this internal dialogue right now?

What if I were to tell you that to FLAUNT IT is to be THANKFUL for it?

Could you swallow that truth?

Or are you too brainwashed to “lie low” and not make anyone feel jealous or sad or insecure about themselves.


You are your light, but so is YOUR LIFE, so let that damn thing burn bright baby!

Flaunt it!

Embrace it!

Love it!


That my dear ones, is what it means to be so freakin’ thankful for it.

Love, Kira x

Release the fight…and WIN AT LIFE!

Date: May 26, 2016

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I’m a free spirit with a LOT of passion and drive, and I’m guessing you’re the same. That’s why you’re here, and that’s why you resonate with who I am and what I stand for. You absolutely know that your life starts from within, but…I know you find it difficult to spend as much time working on your inner state as you would like to.


You feel a lot of pressure to change, grow, and live into your potential, but life is pulling you this way and that, and you’re not exactly sure you can ever find or have those things you want …



Let alone have it all at the same time!


You’re doing every right and still… it’s not working. You’ve read ALL the self-help books, you meditate here and there, do yoga, try to be a kind person. Heck, you’ve even chosen the gluten-free option more than once! (Actually waaaay more than once, right)


And here’s what you should to know about me – Of all the people I know, I don’t know anyone who lives and breaths personal development and spiritual growth as much as me. Yet, at the same time I’m also the most practical person I know, too. I get my hands dirty, I lose my sh*t, I cry, I get pissed off, I embrace my humanness, and sometimes I let things, well EVERYTHING, be in a big dirty pile of human mess around me.


Because let’s be real here, there’s some sh*t that just needs to get done and existing as human being can be rough sometimes.


What I know for sure is that it all comes down to what you value.

What you TRULY want for yourself and your life.

It all comes down to what is ESSENTIAL.

Both in a practical AND spiritual sense.


Of course, you already know your inner and outer worlds matter, but the world, God bless it, knocks on your door every damn day of your life telling you what THEY think should matter to you.


The world does not give two hoots about what you want for yourself and your life.

And I’m guessing you’re not even 100% sure what you want for yourself and your life anymore.

You’re still skimming around on the surface, trying to find the answers but afraid to dive deep incase you never find them down there.


I believe it has to START from within, and of course, I know you get that.

But here’s what you really need to hear – The outside world has so much power collectively, one little old you has no chance of forging their own path and choosing their own life if you’re not tapped into your inner power.


Actually, let me tell you this secret – Taking back the reins of your inner world is the most practical thing you can do.

It improves your productivity, clarity, confidence, finances, decision-making processes, emotional health, relationships, physical health, and everything else in between.


I just wish EVERYONE could see that and know it to be true!


You’re going to run yourself into the ground (if you haven’t already) if you try to take control of these areas of your life externally and come at them with an “I’ll push and push at it until it happens” kind of approach.


Because externally, you can’t control the other forces you’re up against, they’re simply too strong, and you’ll find yourself living your life REACTING to everything.


When you’re REacting to the world, rather than ACTING based on what you truly need to feel whole, healthy, happy, and at peace in your life, you’re never going to WIN at life.


Everyone knows that if you’re the one on the defence in a fight you’re losing.

You’re the one who’s really fighting, and you have to give so much more for the win.

And the thing is – Life is not even supposed to be a fight.

Am I right?

Deep down you know it, yes?


You weren’t born for the fight, or to live this kind of life.

But if you’re only living on the surface you will forever be reacting.

You’ll forever be on the defence.

You’ll forever be in the fight.

The only way to truly win – is from within.

I know you know that, but you’re not truly living it yet, are you?
That’s because no-one’s ever actually told you how practical and simple it can be!

Why would they?


You keep spending hundreds of dollars on books, and thousands on courses, coaches, and all kinds of professionals.

You’re feeding their pockets, and most likely their egos, and they kind of believe they’re helping you, but deep down they’re not that confident in themselves, and they’re scared to admit they don’t know for sure if what they’re selling you is actually going to work for you.


RIGHT NOW, you’re the fighter that feels the win slipping away, and you’re throwing punches this way and that in the hope that one lands.

You’re desperate.

You’re desperate to make it work.

You’re desperate to win once and for all.

And this desperation honey, is draining you completely.



I promise you, it really doesn’t have to be this hard.

But you’re never going to win if you’re not willing to let go of the fight, and truly live and lead from within.

The only battle you have now is the one in your mind.

And if you could just for a moment, COMPLETELY forget about the fight, you would find all of your answers and finally win at life!


So, I feel so passionate about this message that I wanted to create something new to offer you guys to support you with this, but I really didn’t want to offer you another course!

Even though my courses and programs are not information or education based, they’re actually TRANSFORMATIONAL and life-changing, my gut told me you guys need something different.

You want a break from courses, information, and from having to keep at it.


I know if I offered you another chance to work with me or sign up for a program, you would do it of course, because you love me and know I’m one of the very few people that can actually make a difference in your life, but I also know you’d end up feeling like it’s just ANOTHER thing you have to do.


As I mentioned before, perhaps you, nor me, ALONE can win the fight against the world that’s pulling us this-way-and-that wanting command over our lives, but together we can release the fight and instead, WIN AT LIFE!

With love,

Kira. x x

You Being Helpful Is Not Helping Anyone

Date: May 21, 2016

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I saw a post in a Facebook group this morning where a woman was sharing her struggles in her creative work and trying to figure out how to do what she really wants to do.


I witnessed reply after reply roll in with people offering their advice on what they believed she should do, and it made me sigh out loud with a sense of despair, because this woman hadn’t even asked a question, let alone asked for anyone’s opinion or help.


She was simply sharing, most likely from a desire for her struggle to be seen and recognised, which is all that most of us ever really want.


That’s right, all that most people want is for their pain, suffering, and struggles to be seen and recognised.


They do not want your help. If they DO, they’ll ask for it straight out.


I’ve asked for help from people a few times in my life. Yes literally, just a few times.


From God I’ve asked for help twice, once when I was fourteen and experiencing my spiritual awakening, and the second time most recently when I was a new wife, in a new country, and awakening to an even higher level of consciousness. That night I was curled up on the bathroom floor wailing as though every part of my being was being pulled apart and cracked open.


I asked for help because in my awakening state I was ready to receive it.


I trust that you’re smart enough to know the difference between a person asking for help because they’re awakening, and a person asking for help because they’re AVOIDING awakening and would rather leave their decisions and choices in the hands of others, essentially letting you, and everyone else, live their life for them.


If you choose to offer help in the latter situation, just know you are choosing between living their life for them and living your own (I know, tough to hear, but nevertheless true).


Another thing that you’ve probably witnessed more than once (maybe even in yourself) is when someone is too proud to ask for help, when in fact they actually need it.


In this situation, you have two options:

Let it go, it’s their journey. Or, ask them sincerely, “do you want help?”

If they say “no, I’m fine” and retreat, then go back to option one and let it go.

They’re not ready to awaken, and you can’t force them to. You really can’t help someone who doesn’t want to be helped.


To make this clear remember this point:

If they don’t ask for it, they’re not ready for it, END. OF. STORY.

If you choose to STILL go ahead and offer it, then you’ve gone from your heart to your head, and you’re helpfulness is now coming from your ego. You’re not tuned in at all, and instead, this is the kind of thing that’s going on:

You want to be seen as helpful.
You want others to know what you know.
You want to be the one that changes that person’s life.
You want to make up for how unhelpful you used to be.
You’re afraid of being seen as selfish.
You’re afraid of not being seen as a good human being.
YOU, and I mean the ego you not the you you, want to feel superior in some way, and hide the fear that maybe you’re actually not that kind, good, worthy, deserving enough of a human being after all.


See, now you’ve now gone and made it all about YOU. And help that comes from that place is the most unhelpful thing in the world.


You’re ego loves nothing more than making you feel anything but whole, so you help, EVERYONE, even when you’re not asked to.


You make it your MISSION to save the world when no-one ever asked you to!


You spread yourself thin.


You break yourself into little pieces leaving a piece of you in every poor soul that you’ve helped, because your ego looooves nothing more then the idea of not only having control over your life, but the lives of others, too.


And the thing that breaks my heart the most, is that you think you’re doing the right thing by throwing your help and advice this way and that.


When in fact you’re suppressing people, and not allowing them the space to solve their own damn problems, and come up with their own thoughts.


You’re not giving them the chance to AWAKEN.


Choice is empowerment, so when you keep jumping in to save everyone you disempower them, because you don’t give them the space and time to figure things out and CHOOSE.

You do this because –

1.) You can’t stand to watch them flounder and suffer (because you can’t stand in your own suffering)

2.) All the ego stuff mentioned above, and

3.) You, like much of the world, seek instant gratification.


You want things fixed now.
You want things to be better now.
You want to end your own suffering and everyone else’s NOW.

Because THEN you can relax and be at peace with yourself and the world.

It just. doesn’t. work.


Peace is a choice, like everything else, and everyone must make their own choices.


Your handouts of inspiration and cheerleading do not empower people to choose for themselves, because they’re too busy trying to “do what you do”, and never get the chance to ever realise they can choose it for themselves.

This is why I QUIT being a therapist and a coach, and it’s why I only mentor a small number of people who are either awakening and specifically asked for my help, OR came to me not wanting help, but sensed I’m the right person to hold space for them while they figure out their own answers and make their own choices.


This is WHY, even though I’m a brilliant therapist, coach, and teacher, I write.

I just write. All day, everyday.

I share stories.

And I only write with the intention to express and heal myself.

I don’t want to teach you, or “coach” you.

It’s not what I believe works.

THIS is what I believe works and this is exactly what I do:

I awaken and empower myself.

I share my story.

That’s it!

No really, that’s all there is to it.


Now, sometimes of course, my own flame lights the flame in someone else. Yes I’ve absolutely seen this happen more than a few times. But it doesn’t really matter all that much to me, because my own awakening and empowerment IS my life’s work. My writing is not FOR you, and it’s definitely not intended to help you, it’s simply a message.


As Ghandi said “my life is my message”, and for me, this is also true.


If my message helps you, it’s not because I wanted it to, or even had that in mind, it’s because you consciously or subconsciously ASKED for it. You asked for help and it came in the form of my message.


And so here’s what I truly believe:

You have nothing to prove. And being “helpful’ proves nothing anyway.

Give your fellow humans some credit, and some space to become self-aware enough, to come up with their own answers.

Always wait for someone to ask for help.

And yes, I know this is difficult for you, but your help is not helpful if they’re not open to receiving it, and the way you know they’re ready for it is because they ASK for it.


Two things to to look out for here are –

1.) People might ask for help because they THINK they need help when really they don’t, and

2.) You might very well know someone is struggling and they DO want help, but honestly, wanting it is not enough, it won’t work unless they’re open to receiving it.

So muster up some faith and patience, and trust that when they’re ready for it, they WILL ask for it.


{Side note: this goes for everything by the way. Money, relationships, happiness etc. Unless you ask for it you won’t get it, asking = ready to receive it.}


So let me wrap this up for you, because I know I’m jumping all over the place and I could end up going on about this all day!


You being helpful does not empower anyone.

In fact it often reaffirms the beliefs they probably already hold about themselves, such as –

I’m hopeless.
I’m worthless.
I’m not smart enough to make my own choices.
I’m a bad person.
I’m weak.
I don’t know what to do.
I can’t decide on anything.
I’m flaky.
I’m not worthy, or strong, or powerful, or good enough unless other people tell me so.

Where in fact –

They KNOW what to do.

They KNOW what they want.

They’re simply too scared to admit it, go for it, or fail at it.


So instead they seek reassurance, or someone else to make the decisions and therefore take the fall, or they desire some kind of “you can do it!” cheer, usually disguised as a need for help.


Because let’s face it, they just don’t believe in themselves enough, and how COULD they when no-one’s ever given them the chance to discover the power and potential that lies within them.


And I’m not anti-cheering on our fellow souls, NOT AT ALL, but let’s all do it from a place of holding ourselves and others to a higher level of competence and power.


THAT is empowering.

THAT, is dare I say it, helpful.


Because how in the world is anyone going to realise the power and potential within them, if they constantly look outwards for the nod of approval and support? And then, lo and behold, get it.


You give it to them, and sure, it makes them (and you) feel good for awhile, but then before too long they’re in need of another fix.


And so, the cycle continues.

They’ll forever be stuck in this crazy cycle and not fully realise their power and potential.


Now as for those not seeking help out of insecurity, and like the example I gave of the woman on Facebook, actually just wanting to share what’s going on for them because it’s healing, you’re help is a total waste of time and energy, and actually gets in the way of the healing process.


Old tribes used to sit around and share stories (some still do), and no-one ever offered help or even a shoulder to cry on, the healing came through sharing alone.


By bringing their story into the light they were able see clearly, heal, transform, realise, choose.


Ok, ok, so let’s finish this up!

If what I’m sharing with you now is stirring up something inside of you, or you’re starting to get curious about how to let go of the need to be “helpful”, and instead you’re choosing to be the kind of person who empowers and awakens others, then here’s what I’ve found works:

Empower yourself.

Awaken to your own power and potential.

Choose your own thoughts.

Make your own choices.

Share your own stories.

And instead of saving the world, save yourself.


So one last thing, my question to you –

Do you want my help?

If so, you know what to do…. message me and ASK FOR IT!


Date: May 20, 2016

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That elusive thing that everyone is chasing.

The thing that feels so far from where you’re at now, but so achingly necessary.

The thing you haven’t quite been able to figure out yet.
This is the only thing you really want me to know from me.

How do I find it?

On the yoga mat you say “I want to be flexible”, but no, that’s not only it, you want to be flexible while maintaining your strength. You want more balance in your body.
For your health you say “I want to be really healthy”, but no, you want to feel healthy, but you don’t want to have to give up everything you enjoy.
Money – you say “I want to manifest more money”, but no, you want to manifest it WHILE still staying humble, honest and aligned with your spiritual beliefs.
Work – you say “I want to show up and give it my all and be successful on my own terms”, but no, you want that, but you still want to have time to nurture the relationships in your life.
Freedom – you say “I want to be free to live as I please”, but no, you want to live as you please and be free, but also have a level of security and stability in your life.

The PROBLEM for you with finding balance, is that you’re an all or nothing kind of person. So you struggle to sit between two of anything, you’re either all-in or all-out, and balance is the one thing you have no idea how to figure out.
And this is where I can help.
I found it. I found my balance. I created it.

Step 1 is to figure out what balance means for you.
Step 2 is to actually realize you ARE already balanced. It’s your natural state.
Step 3 is to stop resisting and fighting against your natural state of balance and instead find a few simple tools that help you get back to it.


Too Busy Is Not A Valid Excuse!

Date: May 18, 2016

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It worries me when people say “I’m too busy to journal or I don’t have the energy to workout”. I let it go, of course, they’re at where they’re at, and I’m not in the business of judging them for it or convincing them that taking care of their inner state will improve every other area of their life. If they don’t get it, they don’t.

Most of my clients are highly successful, high-achieving people who’s schedule is so packed it would make your head roll. Yet they still take care of their mind, body, and soul, because they KNOW it’s the only way they can show up for themselves, their work, their relationships, and their mission the way they want to. Successful people get it.

It’s the people who are not as successful as they’d like to be, that sit on the fence when it comes to these things, and aren’t convinced investing in themselves is an absolute must have.

They say they’re too busy, but if they WERE truly busy they’d be investing in taking care of their mind, body, and soul, because when you ARE that busy it’s the only way to succeed!

Of course, success is not only about how wealthy you are or how much you achieve. Success is ultimately about how much of your potential you realize.
Wealth or success at work, at the expense of your health, happiness or relationships, is not true success. People who ARE wealthy and successful in their work know that. :) Busy is a state of mind. It’s 100% possible to have a full-to-the-brim schedule and still have peace of mind. But if you’re using “too busy” as an excuse, then that’s exactly how you’re going to feel.

Now more than ever, as the pressures of this world close in on you, you no longer have the luxury to NOT invest in yourself.
The world as it is today requires a higher level of consciousness from you, and if you fail to realize it, and access it, you’ll end up getting swept up by life and carried into old age without ever fully showing up for your life in the way you could have.
You’ll regret it. You’ll end up wishing you had realized “busy” is a choice, and “later” doesn’t exist.

Of course, you may not be chasing massive wealth or success, but don’t you just want to be happy, and at ease with yourself and the world?


Nothing Works When It’s Your Soul That’s Tired

Date: May 15, 2016

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In yoga we work with life force energy, the energy of life that moves through all aspects of beings – the body, mind and soul.

We live in a very real world and our physical existence can often take over our attention leaving our emotions and thoughts unchecked and our souls tired.

If your soul is tired you’ll find yourself struggling in certain areas of your life, despite doing everything you can to improve them. You’ll not be able to lose weight no matter how well you eat or exercise. You won’t be able to have a successful relationship no matter how much you do and put into it. You won’t be able to live a financially abundant life no matter how much you work or hustle.

When your soul is tired your life force energy will be blocked, stagnate, and imbalanced, and this will manifest is all kinds of ways in your life.

You’ve got to get your s#*t sorted out soul-wise, make sure you’re living life from the inside out, and living a life that’s aligned with who you truly are + the deepest desires you hold in your heart.

I’m not saying quit your day job and follow your dreams, of course that’s one way to feed your soul, but there’s many different ways to do it.

First you’ve got to be willing to look at it, and stop kidding yourself that things are ok as they are, and that when the time is right you’ll take care of those things.

Everyday I have people walk into my yoga class wanting to tone up, be healthy, lose weight. A few weeks later they’re sitting on their mat unable to do the poses because they binged on potato chips the night before and only slept an hour or two.

I say that with compassion, because I used to be that student.

Their soul is tired, their thoughts and emotions are unchecked, and so they give into things they KNOW are not good for them, because they don’t have the energy not to.

They continue fighting with themselves to change, but it doesn’t ever work because the imbalance is not in the body, it’s in the soul and mind.

It’s my greatest hope for people to get that your body IS your mind, IS your soul. I beg, stop treating yourself as if you’re made up of different little parts, because THAT is what will forever keep you feeling like you’re broken.

At my Soul in the City VIP Day I’m giving all my soul driven, wellness living, big dreaming women a soul tune-up.

I mentioned it as part of the “what you get” details for the event, but I don’t think anyone really understood what it means nor how powerful it truly is. They will, of course, on the day. :)

It’s time to start truly living and leading from within. Instead of focusing on your body OR your mind OR your soul, the focus needs to be on YOU, the whole you!

It might feel overwhelming to try and fix it all, or do it all, but it’s not that difficult, I promise.

Remember taking care of your body is going to WAY harder if your soul is tired and your thoughts and emotions unchecked.

Shared Experiences Matter

Date: May 14, 2016

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There are no words to describe the level of peace I now have in my life.

After years of believing I had to struggle in order to be worthy, I’m so glad I’ve let go of that struggle and chosen peace. I still fight for the things I believe in, but it now comes from a place of passion, more so than struggle.

Today I got to share my passion with three fabulous women. I wasn’t coaching or teaching them per se. Simply sharing.

Sharing what I know, and believe, and feel, and what is real for me.

And from each of these ladies I understood one thing – Shared experiences matter.

Knowing someone has been where you are now and seeing them now in a happier, healthier place in their life, is not only inspirational, but also transformational in itself.

So often what is missing is presence, and in that presence it’s the shift in perception that can make all the difference. Shared experiences can not only make us more present to how we truly feel and think, but also give us the chance to see things from a different perspective.

When you share an experience with someone who has also once been in a similar situation, the level of connection, awareness, and light it can bring into your life is immeasurable.

Books and courses are great, of course, but a personal connection with someone who is living their life in a similar way you desire to live yours, is the most effective way to grow and learn.

One thing I value about my husband and the Emirati culture is the emphasis on respecting the older generation and a willingness to learn from them.

This kind of relationship with elders dissolves for many of us when we seek independence and opportunities outside of the family and environment in which we were born into, or because we don’t find someone who’s life we feel resonates with the desires we hold for our own.

We are then left searching for someone to model and learn from.

Confusion ensues when you’re not sure which way to look or try to model the ideals of too many other people’s lives.

We seek guidance through information and “how-to” guidelines, and while this is a beautiful compliment to learning directly from people we aspire to be like, it cannot replace the power of passing down stories and shared experiences.

I’m committed to being an example in my life, for those on the path to peace.

The path of living a life filled with fun and freedom.

An example for those called to lead in someway, soulfully, but lost in the how-to’s, must-do’s, and have-to’s. Because I’ve been there.

That’s why I’m doing something I’ve never done before and opening up my doors for a special group of women. Those who want to learn from me and learn from being AROUND me, immersed in my energy and daily life, and what I do to stay on the path.

While some people will continue to simply enjoy my posts and be inspired by them, most people know how valuable the direct experience of spending time with me, and seeing how I live my day-to-day life on this path, truly is.

An Insight Into How I Journal To Stay Happy

Date: May 11, 2016

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I journal with the intention to clear out negative or low-vibe thoughts, but to also affirm how I want to feel and be throughout the day.

I use journalling to create a new thought or thought pattern to replace any thoughts that are not soul-serving.

Often my journalling leads into some sort of inspiration for a blog post, as it did today.

Here’s what I wrote just a few minutes ago –


A little bit of doubt is creeping in – I see you.

But I am moving forward.

I am holding the vision.

Trusting the process.

All is well. I am all in.

Giving everything I have to spoil, delight, and inspire my community.

I feel amazing. People are signing up for my VIP Day straight away. The price is perfect, and the value is phenomenal. I am doing something unique, fun, and LIFE CHANGING, and people absolutely love it.

I feel at ease and I’m having fun. I knew this bit of resistance was going to show up. That old guy, self-doubt. You’re here, I know, but it’s your turn to sit in the backseat right now.

I have a bigger thing going on, something that is going to change people’s lives, and will be fun and fulfilling for me.

I close my eyes, and breath in.

I trust.

Everything is working the way it’s supposed to be.

There is nothing to be worried about.

It is as it is.

This moment itself, is full of light and so much joy.

I know self-doubt and self-sabotage like to show up on the things I care most about.

They try to tell me I’m not good enough or deserving enough of having what I truly want.

I hear what they say, but I don’t pay attention.

I focus on the vision and the feeling I want right now.

Because all of the feelings that are possible to feel are available to us in every moment.

It is what we focus on that becomes what we experience.

So I focus on feeling light and powerful.

Powerful in the sense that I know my worth, my value, and I know my power, my inner power.

I will not be blown off track by my own little emotions, or my inability to control my mind and focus on what I truly desire.

It’s taken me years to not be swept away by my thoughts and emotions, and I admit there’s still some days I run away with them.

But I have reached a point now in my life where nothing, and I mean nothing, can throw me off my path.

And by path, I mean my path of peace, potential, and a purposeful life.

I’m at a point now where the ride is fun. And the waves can coming crashing around me as much as they want, but this ship of mine will not sink.

It WILL NOT be blown off course.

There’s such a sense of ease that comes from knowing you are the captain of the ship, the ship being your own life.

And you have the ability to sail wherever you choose.

And God guides you, and somedays tests you, with his winds and his waves, but you’re ok with that.

Every morning you lie on your back and look up at the sun, letting the heat hit your face, knowing that there’s some things in this world that never die.

You see the sun as your soul and your soul as the sun, and you know that no matter how many clouds or moons come and go, there’s nothing in this world that can truly touch you.”