Falling Off the Wagon and What It Says About You

Date: May 10, 2016

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I know you want more for yourself and your life, and it’s hard wanting more, but never quite feeling like you get there.

You thrive in one area of your life for awhile, but then the other areas of your life suffer.

Or you do so well and feel so good about everything for awhile and then fall off the wagon.

Damn. You’ve done it again.

What’s wrong with you?

Why can’t you just get your act together and stick with things?

What’s it going to take?

You’ve read all the books, you’ve done the work, you know exactly what you need to do and still you slide back down into your old ways.

My sweet heart, you screwed up.

You let yourself down.

You didn’t make it.

And maybe you weren’t supposed to after all.

I mean really, maybe that kind of high-vibe, successful, happy, peaceful life is just not for you.

Not at that level anyway.

Perhaps it’s just not meant to be.

And I guess that’s ok.

I mean things are ok as they are, you’re better off than most people you know.

Actually you’re quite lucky, you’ve done a lot in your life and you’re pretty happy.

You don’t have any real hardships, you’re doing ok.

So it’s ok to let this one go.

You don’t need to push yourself to try and make it work anymore.

Because you’re ok.

Things are fine as they are.

No really.

Things are not that bad.

It’s ok to fall of the wagon.

You’ll get back on it another time when the timing is right.

When you don’t have other stuff to worry about.

When you’re not juggling so many different balls in the air.

Yes, when things settle down then you’ll sort everything out.

You’ll focus on changing those few things in your life.

You’ll get there.

One day.


One day doesn’t exist.


There is no other day, only today.

So let’s just be clear –

You cannot afford to fall of the wagon again for another second.

“Whoa. What?”, I hear you say.

I’m serious.

You can’t.

You cannot fall of the wagon again.

Not for as long as you live!

You can’t.

“Wait a second…”

I hear you,

But no, you can’t.
Because THERE IS NO wagon.

“Wait. What?”

That’s right.

There is no wagon.

Don’t quite understand?

I know.

But you will.

What does it even mean?

It means –

There is no wagon.


Respect the Little Moments and Act Like You Give a Damn About Your Life.

Date: May 3, 2016

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Yesterday I took half an hour in the morning to do nothing.

Yep nothing.

Radical idea I know ;)

I felt so good after that. It was like I had had a mini holiday!


If you’re waiting for your next vacation to finally relax, try instead making your life one you don’t need to escape from.


I know that’s typical self-help shiz, and I hate when I read crap like that myself, but there’s a little bit of truth to it.

Yet here’s what they don’t tell you – Life is created in the little moments.


A few times in your life you’ll have a grand old crossroads decision that changes the direction of your life, but that will have come from the little moments of life that got you to that point, and you’ll soon return back to the little moments again.


We wait for grand moments where everything changes, where things become clear, where we get “the shift”.

And we spend our lives… you got it… waiting.

Missing the little moments of life that make up 99% OF life.


It feels hard to make changes sometimes, and to live your life well enough that you no longer need a vacation from it.

It’s a far away dream, or a “soon I’m gonna change things” goal.

The truth is, it’s not that big or hard of a thing to do at all.


Let me break it down for you – If you’re in a job you don’t mind, but you’re not absolutely thrilled about it, and you work 9 hours a day, and we count a moment as a 5 second chunk of time, then you’re left with 10,800 moments a day to do something good with. Something you are thrilled by!

That’s 720 opportunities every hour to do something fun, freeing, exciting, caring, healing with your life (sleep included!).


Now, this is assuming you totally tune out at work, go on autopilot and don’t really care for being engaged in your life during those 9 hours. You’re just there, doing what needs to be done, juggling the stress, the resentment, the people.



1. Just because you’re job isn’t “your dream” doesn’t mean you get to check out of your life, right? Fix that.

2. Find little moments in every pocket of time to mini vacay.


This is not about escaping, it’s about shifting your energy, respecting the little moments and acting like you give a damn about your life.


To peace. ✌

Up-level your life now.

Date: May 2, 2016

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You guys have probably heard me talk about up-leveling.

For me, up-leveling means improving the quality and satisfaction of your life in one or all areas.

It’s not only about improving your health, relationships, work-life balance or bank account, it’s about who you become through the process of making those things happen.

Up-leveling doesn’t necessarily mean you “go up” or “go bigger” in life, but it definitely means you go deeper and end up living at a higher vibration in life.

To up-level you have to turn inwards, reach into your potential a little more, and start acting like the person you truly want to be (and are).

That’s why it’s so hard for you to make changes in your life, because you’re a creature of habit and comfort, as we all are, and it’s scary to let all that go, to let who you are today be burned away by the fire of life so you can be born again as the YOU you need to be at this higher level of living.

As you burn away all that no longer serves you and the world, and lean into the next level of your life, you’ll find yourself changing with or without your conscious effort to do so.

As human’s we are designed to grow, change, evolve, and ultimately rise, but in order to so we have to let go of who we are today in order to become who we need to be to enjoy a different way of life, one that is of a higher level, a higher vibration, and brings a deeper sense of satisfaction, freedom, and fulfillment of potential. Xx

Step up and lead.

Date: April 27, 2016

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At some point in our lives we will all be called to lead.

We’ll have to take the stage, the stand, the hand of someone we love and lead.

When your time comes, and maybe it has come already, you will have no choice. You will have to lead.

And you’ll be scared.
You’ll fear you don’t have what it takes.
You’ll want to hide for a little longer, and keep following along.
After all, it’s more cosy over there in your little shell, doing as you please.

But now you’re being called to lead.
And yeah, you don’t really know what you’re doing.
You’ve usually just gone along with things.
Floated around.
Made stuff happen, or not.
Nothing has ever felt this real, or big, or necessary before.

Now the call to lead is right there in your face. You’ve got no choice.

You’re not seeking power.
You’re not even sure you have enough power to lead the way you’re being called to.
Yet, you have no choice.

We all get called in our lifetime.
Often more than once.
And in those moments, when we first recognize the call, we ALL want to run back to safety.
We want someone, anyone, to tell US what to do.
To lead us.

But you have no choice.
You could ignore the call, sure.
But can you?
I mean really?
When they need you?

And that’s the scariest thing of all.
Knowing you’re needed.
That this is not just about you anymore.

It feels like a wall surrounds you, moving closer and closer, almost engulfing your freedom.

And then you’re forced to choose –

Lead with power and external forces, or lead from within.

You want to stay FREE, be FREE, feel FREE.
And the fear of losing this can quickly drive you towards power, control, and a “my way or the highway” kind of leading.

But you have another choice.
You can lead from within, and trust that although it feels like you’re losing yourself, giving EVERYTHING you have to those who need you to lead them now, you’re buying yourself more freedom than you can ever imagine.

Because to lead with external forces such as control and rigidity enslaves you. You’ll forever be governed by the demands and behaviours of others.

Leading from within… frees you.

You KNOW you’ve got to turn inwards now.
Step up, and answer the call.

Depth is What’s Missing.

Date: April 17, 2016

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I woke up this morning at 4am, an hour before I usually do, to spend more time in meditation (my newest commitment to myself).

I got to witness this INCREDIBLE sunrise an hour or so later.


I’m so excited to start this week as my family are visiting from Australia, and nothing lights me up more than spending time with loved ones.

I don’t see my family or friends a lot, heck even getting time alone with my husband takes effort, but I believe it’s the quality, not the quantity, of time we spend with those we care about that matters.

When we choose depth instead of having, doing, or getting more, life becomes so much more richer.

I’d rather spend half an hour of quality time with my husband over 2 hours of sitting next to him in front of the TV disconnected from each other.

Life improves and expands when you choose depth.


To give another example, a half-assed 1 hour workout is not going to give you the same results as a 20 minute high intensity, fully committed, workout.

Or doing things during the day just so you can tick them off a list is not going to energise you in the same way giving you’re all to a few key things would.

Depth matters.

And most of us a just skimming along the surface.

Afraid to go deep.

Not knowing how to go deep.

Feeling weird or unsure or doubtful about going deep.

But you’re missing out.


The world will have you believe that doing more, achieving more, getting more is the answer to feeling happy/fulfilled/rich/amazing, but the answer is depth.

Go deep.

I know, it’s corny, but you’ve got to feel deeply, listen deeply, love deeply, and LIVE deeply.

It’s the answer.

It’s the missing link.

It’s what will connect you more to your inner and outer worlds so much so you FEEL the pulse of life IN life.

Today, choose one thing you’re going to give your all to.

One thing you’re going to show up fully for.

Breathe it in.

Go deep.


With love, Kira x

The Truth About Why It Hurts

Date: April 10, 2016

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CHILL OUT world.


Stop killing each other and driving each other deeper into madness.


You guys are hurting yourselves more than anyone else, and there is no “God” who condones killing.


In actual fact God is against it, but may repent it if only it is done is self-defence.


The war in the world is a reflection of the war within ourselves.


Don’t get all spiritually-saint-like on me and tell me you are different.


You are quite simply, not as bad.

But still bad.


Still suffering from the same war within.


Still fighting battles, and out for your own advantage, seeking power, money, freedom.


In the same way they are.


Yes, that’s right.


You may not agree with the ways in which they seek advantage, power, money, and freedom, and you may not agree with HOW they go about getting those things, but you’re job, for example, has given you an advantage, a level of power, money and freedom.


Now, let’s back it up here a little bit.


I’m going to go on a bit of a woo-woo trip right now.


Stay with me.


If you bite your nails, eat until you’re OVER-full, gossip about someone else, make someone else out to be wrong and YOU right, you are a slave to the same human condition as those doing disastrous things in this world. This condition is called – suffering.


Harm to yourself is no different to harming others. It is done in an effort to gain control and power.


Over your emotions, your environment, your thoughts, your life.


Instead of developing SELF-control and becoming EM-powered, you succumb to the ways of the world and spiral into suffering.


I’m not saying life doesn’t suck sometimes, or it doesn’t hurt.


Actually I think you’ve got a really good reason, heck a lot of good reasons, to be suffering right now.




And now, here is where we get even more woo-woo,


Get a hold of yourself.


Ok, so that’s not so woo-woo after all!


What I mean by that is, firstly fix the broken branches in your own life first.


Refuse to dwell on the suffering of others as a way to make you’re suffering feel less brutal.


Fix things on your side of the fence first.


Then, don’t try to fix anything else.


That’s right.


Don’t. Just don’t.


“Why?”, I hear you ask.


“How can I just let everything go?”, you say.




Yes, don’t do that either.


“Then what the hell AM I supposed to do?” I hear you ask.



Clean up things on your side of the fence.


Make YOUR garden THE most beautiful garden in the world.


Take care of things on your side of the fence. Always.


Maintain it. Give it love. Care. Appreciate it and enjoy it.


Then, and only then, may you inspire others to clean up things on their side of the fence.


Only then, when you’re not having to step over all your own mess to get down the path and out the front gate, will you be able to see the changes you want to see in the world.


This IS a totally woo-woo idea, I know, but stay with me.


Imagine for a moment, what would be different if you were to focus on your own stuff right now once and for all.


It would be painful, confronting, a little (or a lot) scary, I know.


But what else would happen?


You see, the ginormous suffering you see in the world is happening to wake YOU up to the suffering that’s happening on your side of the fence. In you. In YOUR life.


It’s a reflection of you’re own condition. On a larger scale.


And it’s so unbearably in-your-face, because you refuse to look at, or take responsibility for your own state.


You refuse to deal with it, change it, accept it, forget it.


And I’m not saying you should spend the rest of your days not FEELING anything.


Feel it all!


After all, you can’t clean up what you’re not willing to look at.


I myself had some hard things to deal with this week.


I let myself feel it.


I knew it was just emotion.


I didn’t turn it into a pity party or and endless rabbit hole of suffering.


And believe me, my ego absolutely tried to bring up all kinds of old fear and self-limiting beliefs.


I noticed what was happening, and quickly stopped the ego trip in its tracks and focused on feeling the feelings out.


It hurt, it was painful, but I wasn’t suffering. I was still able to laugh even though my heart was heavy.


I was still able to speak kindly to others even though I had nothing inspiring to say.


So, to round it up, because I know I’m kind of going on and on here.


The world does not need one more person in this world to suffer.


AND, it’s up to you to decide if you will or not.


Remember, you can feel, my God, SHOULD you feel.


But you don’t need to suffer forever.


Even though the world wants you to because it makes their suffering feel less, or perhaps justified.


But you don’t need to.


Yesterday I watched my niece and nephew lay down on the floor laughing over nothing.


One would laugh hysterically then stop suddenly, and then the other one would laugh uncontrollably and stop.


That was their game.




One after the other.


Until they had to stop because after almost forty-five minutes of laughing they were now coughing.


Their stomachs hurt, their eyes filled with tears, and they could barely breath.


And yet, they were having the time of their lives.


I know we’re not kids, and things are different now, and I get that the “real world” doesn’t give us as many opportunities to lie on the floor and laugh for nearly an hour.


But, and this is just my guess, I kind of think you’re afraid to even give it a try.


You’re afraid to let go of your suffering, because it’s so familiar.


You’re afraid so much laughter could cause your shell to crack and you’re afraid of what might then pour on out.


Or perhaps you’re in the thick of things right now.


You ARE in real, palpable pain.


Then take care of things over there my love.


Don’t just let it stay this way.


Little by little clean up things on your side of the fence so you can get back onto your path.


You’re not supposed to be hiding behind those four walls.


Take your time, or get it all done in a day.


But chip away, clean things up,


And make your way back to the front gate.


Set yourself free.


There’s a beautiful world out here waiting for you.


And as you walk down the street, you never know,


You might just find someone else cleaning up things on their side of the fence, who you can lend a few tools to.


Be brave, beautiful.
Love Kira. x x

Wake Up.

Date: April 3, 2016

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My grandmother passed away yesterday and I was once again reminded of how fleeting life truly is.


I knew it was coming.

I had had a vision of it two days before it happened, and the day before it happened, when I had sat down to do my daily writing, I really struggled to write anything on the page.

When I prayed for guidance the answer that came to me was – death, Kira write about death.

Morbid I know.

I definitely thought so at the time.

I actually had no idea what to write about it. {I revealed all of this on my snapchat @kirajeanx. Come say hi there if you haven’t yet}.


I’m definitely a glass half-full girl, but death is so freakin’ real, and closer than we think, and it serves none of us to think we have time.

I’m not saying we have to rush through life fast, not all.

Sure, slow down and smell the roses – absolutely!

But don’t waste your time living a life you hate and thinking you’re powerless to change anything in your life.

If you’re reading this from a laptop or a smartphone, you have the whole world at your fingertips.

Use it wisely.

You’ve got power.

Inner power.

Divine power.

Use it.


Figure out who you are, what warms your heart, and what brings you to life.

I’m emotional, yes.

Grieving, yes.

But I’m not lying when I say it burns a hole in my heart when I see people walking around half asleep.

A slave to society and their own self-limiting beliefs.

Wake up.

Get real.

Dive deep.

Live MORE.

Don’t for a second take your life for granted.

Just go for it.

Do it.

Change it.

Be it.


Stop Reacting To Everything That Gets Thrown Your Way.

Date: March 28, 2016

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Intent ~ not everyone is going to know what good is in your heart and mind.

No matter how good your intentions are some people are still going to throw their anger, pain, sadness, suspicion, jealousy etc. on you.

So get clear on your intentions.

On exactly what your overriding soul-driven purpose is in everything that you say and do, and once you’re clear on this don’t for a second ever doubt what you say or do based on the negative reactions of others.


We live in a reactive world where everyone is reacting to everyone else.

Stop doing this. Instead of reacting, relate. Understand where they’re coming from, and know exactly where YOU’RE coming from. Then no matter what comes up you won’t get pushed and pulled around by the reactions of others.

You’ll know who you are in your heart and you’ll know their reactions are to do with what emotional lens their looking through.


That’s all there is to it.

You don’t need to react to every single emotion, word, energetic vibration that gets thrown your way, you can sit in the still center of your heart, without question or doubt, and fully trust in yourself and your good intentions.


Acknowledge when you slip up, and acknowledge the part you played in the reactivity that took place, but there’s no need to feel bad or guilty, or try to make things better (unless of course you were the one that started it all!).


Stay strong, be honest with yourself, and be committed to raising your hand with your palm facing out (literally if needed) and saying “no, you will not throw this on me. I see what you’re trying to do there, and I will not take this negativity onboard”. Khalas. It’s done. No more.

Create Space for What You Want.

Date: March 27, 2016

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This room.

This room is way at the back of the house.

The very last bedroom.

When my husband and I were buying our first home we couldn’t agree on the size.

He was worried four bedrooms were a lot for just us two and would be a lot of work to maintain, where I was saying, “I know it seems like too much now and a lot of work, but if the rooms are there the people will come.

I have a feeling we are going to need these rooms in the future.”

And now within just a year, people have come, and the rooms are being filled. :)
I’ve always had family and friends around me.

At my family home in Tasmania there’s always been people dropping in and staying over.

And my mother has always taken people going through difficult times into her home and given them a comfortable place to stay.

I knew I wanted to create the same kind of home in my life.
The message: Always create the space for what you want first.

You may not see what you want right in front you, right now, but if you’ve made space for it, it will come.

I also have different savings accounts with different names and passwords such as dream business, adventure and travel, bright future.

I don’t always save a lot, often just a small amount each month.

But I’ve created space for more abundance to enter into my life and because I have, I know without a doubt I will be blessed with more travel and adventure, my dream biz, and a bright future. :)
Another example, my writing. I sit for two hours every morning before everyone else wakes up and write.

Well some days I write.

Most days I just sit there and don’t really write much at all, and nothing that looks anything like the NY Times best-seller one might hope for.

It’s usually just a bunch of messy words scrambled on the page.

BUT… I create space for my writing, everyday.

And I KNOW one day the best-selling book idea will come and the words will flow and the space I’ve created will be filled.

I know this because I’ve witnessed it so many times in my own life, and then again so many times in the lives of my clients.


Ask yourself today what is it I truly want (not what you think you want or need, but truly want), and how can I create space for it? Then go create space for it!

Success = Obsession – Attachment

Date: March 20, 2016

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To be successful at anything you need be obsessed with it.

Not to the point of distress or debilitation, but to be successful in terms of health, relationships, work, happiness, anything, you’ve got to focus on those things and give space, time and energy for them to grow and be nurtured.

To reach a level of focus, commitment, and awareness that brings success to you in any area of your life you’ve got to let those things fill your mind (instead of “I can’t”/”I’m too busy” thoughts, gossip, and general distractions), yet detach from them at the same time.

You can’t obsess about them to a point where your sense of self and internal happiness and contentment is dependant on how well you’re currently doing in the different areas of your life.

It’s okay to be obsessed with something, in the sense that you give space for it over meaningless things and humdrum.

But your success in those things should not become so outwardly focused that you suffer internally from a sense of lack and failure.

So obsess about it, yes, care about it a ton, yes, but be at peace with yourself regardless.

Then, dear ones, success shall be yours.