How to make anything you want happen.

Date: January 30, 2016

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Do you get confused between focusing on an outcome, envisioning your “dream life”, and being in the moment?
Do you wonder “how do I take control of my thoughts, my actions, but then also allow God/the Universe/creativity/destiny to move through me?”
What am I missing?

Well, you’re trying to separate one from the other when they are the same.
There IS no separation.
You’re trying to understand it, makes sense of it, and all you really need to do is ask for what you want.

Don’t only ask for material things, like a new car and a million dollars.
Come on.
Ask for what will serve you, your life, and be of service to the lives of others.
Ask for how you want to feel when you wake up in the morning, ask how you can be of service to others.
Ask for guidance, support, the courage you need to take that first step or dive more fully into what you want to bring forth.
Then …
Let go of it.

Let go of thinking about it, trying to make it happen, and let go of wondering or wanting to know HOW.
Free yourself from this idea that you have to MAKE it happen.
You don’t.
It’s already happening.

What does need to happen is a shift of gears in your mind.
You must believe in the impossible.
That is, if you want to truly tap into the potential within you.

You’ve got to sharpen your focus, be clear on what is truly important to you, and trust everything else is going to fall into place.
You’re so scared to truly let go, because you don’t fully believe you’re going to get the results you desire if you do.
That’s why you’re having such a hard time really going FULL IN to creating what you want in your life, whether it’s in your relationships, your finances, your passions, your business, your health.

Because deep down you’re scared –

It won’t really happen.
That you’re a victim of your environment and not as powerful as you think you are.
That it’s too hard, so what’s the point even trying.
That you don’t deserve to create what your heart desires.
That you’re missing something.
That you’re not quite good enough.
You’ll never be able to do enough, be enough, create enough.
No matter what, it’ll never be enough.
You’ll never actually get there.

The reason these seeds are being planted in your mind, these fears, these beliefs, is because you already ARE there.
Well, at the very least you need to start looking there, or should I say HERE.
In this moment.
In you.

These fears and beliefs are a sign post.
There pointing you back towards yourself.
Before you let ideas about the future carry you too far away from the truth.

That’s why these manifestation people talk about acting like you already have it and it will come.
The law of attraction and all that.

Everything that is holding you back from getting to where you want to go is forcing you to actually BE where you’re at right now.
It’s telling you “live for the moment!”.
Start now!
From here!
Be it now!
You can!
You are!
It’s all here, it’s all accessible from here, NOW.

The only thing that is missing is you.
Your presence.
In this moment.

That’s the only way to bridge the gap.

Be it now.
Think it now.
Change it now.
Say it now.
Do it now.
Stop it now.
Believe it now.
Trust in now.
Go for it now.
Have it now.

It truly is as simple as that.

It’s yours.

But wait, there is one more thing.
It doesn’t end.
And the sooner you can accept this and APPRECIATE it the better.
Things only end when you’re dead, and even then I’m not 100% sure that’s even true.

So appreciate that you have this moment right now and that you’re not dead.
Because you have a chance to fully step into your greatness.
And in the next moment.
And the next.

But you HAVE to keep on choosing to.
You don’t ever get THERE.
Only here.
So don’t be fooled that if you do something now it’s done.
You have to CHOOSE it again.
And again.
And again.

I think you know what I mean.
There are no quick fixes.
There’s only now…
And now…
And now.

You are not broken.

Date: January 24, 2016

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If you want to be free from suffering

Free from blocks



There’s one thing you should know –

You are not broken.


I see you.

No really, I see you.

Not in a creepy hollywood horror movie kind of way,

or even a woo-woo psychic kind of way,

But I see you.


I see through all the fragmented parts of yourself.

I see into your core. Your soul.

I see the BS, yes, of course. I see the struggles. I see the pain, both past and current.

But I bypass all that and see the part of you that’s whole. Unbroken.

You, my friend, are not broken.


When you realise you’re not broken it changes everything.

How long have you been trying to fix your money issues?

Your relationship issues? Childhood issues? Work issues? How long?

How long have you been trying to fix yourself, when the truth is, you’re not actually broken.

You don’t need fixing.



Is this something you can believe? And deep down know it is true?

If not, my words are probably not going to make sense to you.

Because I only speak to the part of you that’s whole.

We work from there.

And grow it. Expand it. Let it out. FINALLY!

You are not broken.


You think you’re broken, and that’s why you’re tired.

That’s why your chasing, fixing, running.

That’s why you can’t be with your own insecurities and weaknesses.

That’s why you can’t deal with your own BS.

Because you think you’re broken.


You are not broken.

You’re human, yes.

A whole, complete, done-deal, born that way, human.

If you want to live light you’ve got to decide now to flick that switch.

To see yourself as whole.

To know it.

Even if you can’t feel it, see it, touch it, sense it.

Know it.



Switch from FIXING to EXPANDING.

Instead of focusing on fixing what you see as broken, focus on expanding what isn’t!

Focus on expanding what is whole from within you.

Your spirit.

Your potential.

Your willingness to get back up again and again and again.

Your hope.

Your faith.

Your kindness.

Your gratitude.

Expand what is already within you.

At the deepest level.

You are already complete.


The partner, books, yoga, coaches, money that you seek to fulfil you, are not giving you ANYTHING you don’t already have.

It’s opening the door you’re not willing to open for yourself so you can see what is truly within you.

And it drives me crazy, and breaks my heart, when clients come to me believing they have all these “issues” because they’re not meditating for twenty minutes a day, they’re not overcoming their fears, they’re not earning good money, or manifesting their dream relationship and so on.


We all have issues.

I’m not immune to it, neither are you.

Neither is anyone else.

That’s called being human.

There’s nothing wrong with you.

You are NOT broken.


All that needs to happen is a shift in your focus.

Your awareness.

To something greater, something whole.

Although that part of you may feel small, or perhaps not even there at all, I can show you how to expand it.

But first, you need to become more aware of it.

Because it’s not that it’s not there – it is! – it’s your awareness that’s got you tripping over.

You’ve learned to focus on the wrong stuff.


You focus on what you feel is broken and needs fixing/changing, rather than being aware of what is right and whole and light within you.

Don’t you think if you just focused on expanding what is already whole within you those little broken parts of yourself will rejoin (and rejoice!) or simply fall off like a shedding skin once you expand from within, and your new-self, real-self, whole-self, breaks through?



I used to think I needed to choose faith, freedom, fun, fulfilment etc. over fear.

What I realised is, first, I need to choose it over fixing!

So here’s what I want YOU to commit to –

Choose fun over fixing.
Choose faith over fixing.
Choose freedom over fixing.
Choose fulfilment, wholeness, FULLNESS over fixing.

You are not broken.


First step – decide now.

Stop fixing, start expanding.


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If you sign up today you’ll get a bunch of incredibly valuable free gifts to get you started, including a private 1:1 KICKSTART COACHING SESSION with me.


Time to get you moving.

Time to shift.




And finally….. time to TRULY live and lead from within.

With love, Kira xx

The Universal Law of Simplicity.

Date: January 16, 2016

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Nothing is inherently complicated or difficult.

Let me say that again, NOTHING is inherently complicated or difficult.

The Universal Law of Simplicity says so, the problem is, it is the most forgotten law.


The Law of Simplicity, quite obviously, states that everything is simple.

It doesn’t mean it’s easy, but it is simple.


What creates drama, stress, busy-ness, difficulties, confusion, and complications in your life – is you.

I know for many of you that will be a hard truth to swallow.


What I have realised, through a decade of study, research and experience, is simplicity is a universal law that, when we move too far away from it, causes suffering and dis-ease.


What I’ve also noticed is that most people I meet are so far away from understanding this universal law that when I rest easy and flow with the Law of Simplicity, it shakes other people to the core.

It makes them uneasy and sometimes even annoyed. They either avoid me, or create even more drama in order to justify themselves and their position that “No really. Things are very difficult for me right now, and there is no way out.”

This is BS. There is always a way out. Whether you see it now or not.


Life is a series of moments.

Life is movement.

It is flowing.

Even in stillness there is movement.

Life moves on with or without us.


Being stuck is not a real thing.

Of course not knowing the way out, or the next step, can be true, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a way out.

There is always a way out.

There is always a next step.

There is always a choice.

And there is ALWAYS something to let. go. of.


So get back to basics, beautiful.

Literally throw away anything that makes your life feel complicated or difficult, but as always, check yourself first.

Get a spotlight on those “must-do”, “have-to”, should-do” thoughts of yours.

Throw them out.


It won’t necessarily make things easier, although it probably will, but it will make your life a whole lot more simple.


And that’s how it’s supposed to be.



Just to be clear once more, easy and simple are different.

Easy isn’t a permanent state.

There is no such thing.

Especially if you are determined to live life to the full – meaning to reach, stretch, grow, expand, enjoy, love unconditionally, stay active, and live from the absolute truth of that which is within you.


Simple. Well it is pretty simple, sweetheart.

Be the person you need to be in order to live the way you want to.


Stop creating so much drama.

To hide the fact that you’re just too scared to live life fully.

Because, “oh what if I fall”,

Because, “who am I to”,

Because, “it will make me weird”,

Because, “I don’t know how”

Because, “I will have to let go of my story.”,

Because, “everyone has dramas and if I live simply it’ll mean I’m not doing enough, therefore AM not enough”,

Because “if I’m not busy, if I’m not stressed, then there’s no real good reason for me to be living, I might as well pack my bags and head to the mountains, where the other simple people live”.

Because “hey, simplicity is NOT. WELCOME. HERE.”


I totally get it.

You think –

If I want to roll with the movers and shakers, then I’ve gotta play their game.

I’ve gotta make things so freakin’ complicated and stressful and difficult for myself, so I can be “one of them”.

And so I can feel good about myself because I “overcome my difficulties”.


That’s a big one.

Everyone loves a hero. Everyone loves the underdog. And this idolising of heroes and rags-to-riches stories is brainwashing you into believing you’re not worthy unless you suffer.

And because you live a life blessed with clean drinking water, access to food, shelter, and education (the things previous generations, and people in some countries still to this day, suffer without), you create drama in your life in order to fulfil your role, to play out the story, and ultimately to feel worthy of the life you’re blessed to be living.


So I ask you, how much longer are you going to play into their hands and act the part to receive the recognition and validation you think you need in order to feel you deserve what you have?

You deserve it now.


Ask for it, and it’s yours.

Be the kind of person who lives it, has it, is it, and it’s yours.

Stop complicating everything just to add meaning to your life, and to feel something.


If your life is difficult and complicated you’re not seeing the real picture.

You’re not making your own choices.

You’re controlled by the masses that are screaming down you throat that you must do more, be more, give more, in order to DESERVE your God-given place on this planet.


Darling, this is rubbish.

Absolute rubbish.

You don’t need to earn anything.

You deserve it all.

You can have it all.

It’s really not that difficult.

Stop fighting yourself and fighting against life.

Stop the fight.

Honestly, there is NO FIGHT.

It’s all FLOW.

Life is a flow.

Life, my dear, is simple.


If you’re reading this from a smart phone or a computer, then you’re life ain’t that difficult.

Whatever complicated or difficult stuff you’ve got going on right now is being created by you.

Because there’s a part of you that likes to make things bigger than they are, because of a fear that if things were that simple, if things were really, undeniably that unnervingly simple, then you might actually have to pull your finger out, count your blessings, and take responsibility for your own thoughts, emotions, energy, actions, and life.

You would have to live FULLY.

And you’re afraid you’re not cut out for it.

So it’s easier to throw blame around.


Creating drama, manifesting difficulties, or even perceiving anything as difficult, is really just your way of handing over your power to things outside of yourself, and fuelling your need to be seen as a warrior, a hero, the one who “rose above”.

You’re not as strong as you think you are.

Those who are really living with true strength, are the ones who have no need to show it.

You’re afraid of your own weakness, and in order to prove to yourself and the world that you’re not weak, you create drama, and complications, and difficulties in your life so that when you overcome them you can rest easy knowing you accessed the strength within you, and everyone else saw it.


I’m not saying you aren’t strong, it’s there, you are strong, but you’ve still got a long way to go to fully embody that strength.

Right now you access it through drama and difficulties, instead of embodying it always.

You wear your battles like a badge of honour, and there is no honour in over-complicating things and being busy for the sake of being busy, without finding any deeper fulfilment from within.


I see it all the time. In yoga, in fitness, in nutrition, in spiritual practices, in life in general, people just can’t keep it simple.

They try, they really try, but they always end up looking for more, searching for more.

Now I’m not against wanting more!!! I say go for it, have it all!

But there’s a difference between wanting more because:

1.) You can’t be in silence, stillness, space, or simplicity (the unknown) because it feels too uncomfortable. Therefore you’re not yet truly aware of the essence of these things and not completely comfortable in your own skin.

2.) You’re using it to cover up, or fill a hole, where something is missing in you or in your life, and

3.) {hint: this is the one you want} You’re so full from within, and your life is so full that to not express that, share that, and expand it would mean stagnation. And as humans, stagnation = death.

We are always moving. Even in stillness there is movement, there is flow, there is LIFE.

As humans we are innately driven to evolve and grow, and “more” is a part of that.


In other words, wanting more (and the secret to actually getting it) should come from a place of over-flow. You and your life is over-flowing, and you’ve got to channel it into something, or someone, or otherwise hold it in, hold yourself back, resist the flow, and ultimately cause toxicity in your life (mind, body, or soul) in someway.


So to wrap it up – get back to basics.

Find what it is you love.

Don’t go looking for more. Live more.

You can have it all.


Do what you love, be with who you love, day-in, day-out.

Deal with it.

Deal with the BS.

And deal with the basics, the simplicity of it.

Be ok with it.

And for goodness sake look a little closer, look a little deeper.


There’s so much more within what is already there. Within what is already within you, and within this very vibrant, over-flowing, full-to-the-brim moment.

Please be in it.

Please live it fully.

Stop looking around every which way, and instead sharpen your focus, deepen your experiences, and for the love of God, and for all our sakes, please keep it simple.

Got it?

Good. :)

I love you.


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What I think my Fairy Godmother would say…

Date: November 20, 2015

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I want you to know that the answer is with you.

As I sit here trying to think about what to write and what I can say to inspire you, nothing comes to me.

There is nothing else I would rather you know than that the answers are with you.

As scary as it can be to believe it, you simply must.

Because believing you have the answers is in itself the answer in so many ways.


So this blog post is a bare essentials one, because I have nothing to say except this one message.

There’s no creative juices flowing, there’s no high-fives / “you’ve got this!” kind of vibes today.


Actually, to be honest, although I had planned for today to be a writing day my mind has completely checked out. Probably because I haven’t given it much time to rest over the last couple of weeks.

So it just went ahead a made it easy for me.


All I hear in my head is a gentle voice saying “make yourself a cup of tea, go sit in the garden, and dear one, please try to quiet your mind a little. Don’t worry you don’t need to do anything else today, consider it already done {wink}.”


I like to think if I had a fairy godmother, this is the kind of thing she would say to me. :)


Now, over to you. Below are some questions you can ask yourself today.

Before you ask yourself these questions, with the intention of receiving clear insight, make sure you “plug in” first.


Sit somewhere quiet without distractions for a few minutes. Have a piece of paper and pen close by incase you want to write anything down. Close your eyes and take a few long, slow, deep breaths. Breathe in for 4 counts and out for 4 counts. Notice your breath, and feel yourself breathing.

Then go ahead and ask yourself a question, or a few, that are meaningful to you.

Below are a list of examples for you.


What am I making important right now?

What do I need to let go of?

What do I really need right now?

What do I need to do in order to feel _____________?

What does the world really need from me right now?

How can I _____________________?

What do I choose now to make a reality?

What will help me the most right now?

What’s missing?

What can I take away today to make more space in my life for _____________?


Write down anything you want to remember, and don’t be too quick to jump from one question to the next. Give yourself a couple of minutes for the question to really land on you. The first answer may not always be the answer, but you will know if it is.


Wishing you a day filled with light.

Love Kira x x


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Applicant Requirements:

Applicant must be a soulful, skilful tech-savvy woman, with good wifi, and enough sass to kick my butt when I lose sight of what’s necessary and important.

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A message to all seekers.

Date: November 8, 2015

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Are you stuck in seeking?

Are you looking for something to fill you up?

Do struggle to commit to taking simple daily actions and find yourself always searching for something new, different, and exciting?

Do you constantly feel like you’re not doing enough?

That you’re not quite living up to scratch?


Me too. I’ve felt all of those things as well.


However, recently I made a simple switch in how I was thinking.

I started to think I WAS living my dream life. Right now. That this was it. That I was everything I could be. I already WAS the best version of myself. I already WAS living my dream life. I was in it. I had everything I wanted.


And do you know what happened? It became true.

Well, actually, no, it didn’t become true.

It already WAS true.

It was true as soon as I made the choice to see it as true. (Stay with me here, I know this sounds weird…).


Since I made that switch I feel so much lighter, happier and at peace.

And because I feel lighter, happier, and more at peace, I have more energy for, you know, getting into really good shape, writing a new book, having fun with my friends, and enjoying my relationship with my husband. All the things I love and enjoy and want to spend my time and energy on.


Now I know it seems crazy that switching your thoughts could have this kind of effect, but it truly can. It’s not that I stopped wanting to try new things or achieve things, I simply started to fully accept where I was now as if I had chosen it. Because, you know, somewhere along the line I had chosen it.


I want you to know that although it may seem impossible that you could switch your thoughts like that right now, you truly can. It takes courage and it takes a lot of heart, but it’s possible.


My life is far from perfect, but it’s perfect for me. And even in those not-so-perfect moments, I’m still open to learning and growing, and I always try to focus on the good things in my life, while I trudge my way through the uncomfortable and difficult times.


As for living your dream life, I’m not saying fake it. I’m not saying try to convince yourself that your reality right now is exactly how you would dream it to be.
What I’m saying is give up chasing the dream and just start living it. Now!


Right now, I’m living my dream life, because well, it’s the only life I have. I’m in it, I’m living it, I’m not living anybody else’s life.

I’m in my body, it’s my breath, it’s my life, and I’m living it.


So I shifted my perception.

I stepped into the life I’m living fully, and accept that while, yes, there are definitely some areas in my life where I could still expand and grow, I’m living my dream life now.

This is happening now.

Not tomorrow.

Not when I get this or that, but right now. Here. In this moment. I’m living it.


And I want you to join me here.

Step fully into YOUR dream life right now.

Forget whatever picture or future projection you have of it, and come alive now.

Be in the life that you’re living fully.


If you think about it, when you get “there”, wherever “there” is for you, you’re not going to be living another life. It’ll be the same life you’re living now, just a little different. And really it won’t be that much different. You’ll still be you. You’ll still be living the same life you’ve been living since the day you were born.


So stop chasing a new life, a dream life, and live it now. Live your life for this moment. Be in it now.

Go on.

You’re living it now.

Your dream life, it’s here, it’s taking shape.

Forget where you’re going, just for a moment, and know you’re already there.

You’re in it.

You’re living it.

It’s yours.

And it’s all here.



With love, Kira x x

This is what I believe, and this is how I heal.

Date: October 28, 2015

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Come closer,

Join the circle.

I have a story to tell.


I have many.


I’ve always been a good listener.

I’ve always been a good learner too.

Through these skills I’ve gathered stories from near and far.

I’ve also gathered a few of my own.


I don’t remember the moment I realised I was a story-teller.


I was always obsessed with books.

With stories.

With words.


I was always obsessed with life, experience, growth, knowledge, wisdom.


My mind worked faster than anyone one I knew.

It could see further than most.


I’ll never forget the time my friend said,

“It’s like you live lots of little lives in one big life”.


She had put in words exactly what I felt.

I had always been intent on gathering stories.


I never knew why.

I still don’t.


I just can’t help it.

I cannot not play the part.

I cannot not create weird and wild stories with the moments of my life.


I don’t do it for anyone else.

I don’t even do it for me.


I’m just a story-teller.

It’s what I do.

I experience everything in life so deeply, to bring the story to life.


I share these stories sometimes.

I hear of what they create in others, I see the changes that happen in their faces and their bodies.

I don’t know why.


Sometimes the stories I tell change people’s lives too.

I don’t know why.


But there’s always light.


I tell someone a story, I share my thoughts and experience,

and I see the weight lift from their shoulders.


I see the bones in their face soften, and their eyes turn shiny.


I see how they start breathing differently, and sometimes I think I can even see where their mind goes.


It goes somewhere I know they haven’t visited for awhile.

To a lost dream.

A faded memory.

A new hope.

A moment in time when they were living the same story.


If there were a title for the big story of the many little stories that make up my life I think it would be,



I believe in living light.

Actually it’s everything I believe in.


It’s the theme that runs through all my stories on:


Having fun












Taking Action


And, if I’m honest, most days I fight against the idea that this is my “theme”.



Because no-one wants to be the girl people feel shaky around because she dismisses pain and suffering, obligation and responsibility, excuses and complaints, fear and stress.


I don’t actively choose to be the annoying shiny, bright, light that makes you oh-so-painfully aware of the weight you’re carrying on your shoulders.


This is just who I am.


I believe whole-heartedly that every single person on the planet has the ability to live light.

That is to say, every single person has the capacity to feel light, eat light, work light, suffer light, cry light, laugh light, know light, be light.


I know living light kind of looks and feels differently for everyone.

And I’m still learning what it truly looks and feels like for me.


I know it feels like love.












How about you?

What does living light look and feel like for you?


And what’s your big title? For the lots of little stories that make up your one big beautiful (sometimes messy) life?


Let me know in the comments below. And if you feel this is something you would like to delve deeper into, if you really want to live light, then send me an email at or comment below letting me know. I’ll give you all the details on my new Living Light Lecture Series (launching soon online and live!). Included in the series is seven mini lectures on what it takes to live light and how to bring more lightness into all areas of your life.


ALSO…. I will be offering a very, very limited number of 1:1 Story-Telling Healing Sessions over the next month. In these sessions we will use story-telling as a way to allow you to release anything that is holding you back, to heal past wounds, break through mental/emotional blocks, embrace more fun and lightness on your journey, and create a new vision for you and your life moving forward.

These sessions are a gentle, even fun, way to experience healing.

You will experience incredible transformation through this creative process, and open yourself up to new ways of being, AND doing things, moving forward. Send me an email at if you’re interested in making one of these spaces yours, I’m only opening it up to three people during November, so jump in quickly if you want to know more!


With love,

Kira. x x

Stop over-complicating it.

Date: October 15, 2015

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As you know, I am deeply committed to living and leading from within.

What you may not know is how lightly I take this commitment.

If I’m totally honest, I would say I approach my journey towards self-improvement and spiritual growth as a game.

Not in the sense that I’m “playing”or tricking myself, or anyone else for that matter, but I see it as a game of sorts nonetheless.


Roll a dice see what you get.

Take a chance, because you just don’t know what’s going to happen anyway.

Win or lose it doesn’t matter, as long as you’re having fun while you play.


Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had my “dark nights”.

I’ve cried on the bathroom floor more than once, and rested my hope for the future on a prayer said there.

Now after ten years of commitment to this continuous growth… I get it.

It’s so simple.

And it’s fun!


What I’m more and more aware of though, is how much information is out there.

That’s why I do things the way I do over here at

I don’t expect, or even want you to listen to me.

I want you to listen to yourself.

Find what works for you.

Forge your own path, take hold of your own power to choose, and find your way through your own growth.


Once you start out on this journey, whether you consciously chose to jump on this journey or not, you get thrown into the fire of endless information and incessant  should-dos and must-dos.

I don’t know if you’re reading this because you’re a spiritual person, someone pushing through boundaries in their work life, or someone lost as to what to do next, and it doesn’t really matter. I do know you visit Overwhelm Town frequently, and you get confused by all the information out there.

AND you often feel like you’re coming up short when it comes to squeezing in all the meditation, yoga classes, 30 minute workouts, organic food eating, book reading, prayer offering, charity supporting, mindfulness being, habit breaking, fear eliminating stuff you MUST DO to ensure you stay on the path and become who you were truly meant to be.

Good luck darling! I’m exhausted just writing that! Best you look elsewhere for inspiration if that’s how you want to continue on your path, because there ain’t no saints around here. :)

Here we keep it simple.

And fun.

And light.

And in today’s podcast you will learn one mistake we all make when we start out on this journey. Even to this day I still need to remind myself to keep it simple and just. show. up. FULLY.

Click play below to listen now.



So let’s make a commitment to keep it simple, yeah. If you want support with this then I would love to help you sift through all the information out there and forge your own path and your own way of living light.

If you want to get real about living and leading from within then sign up for Truth Talk + Tea today.

It’s a free weekly Q+A session with me where I’ll answer your questions plain and simple.

We will tame your fears and get to the truth right away. I won’t tell you what to do, because hey, you don’t need another thing to do right? The tank is already full there, I know.

What I will do, is show you how to keep it simple, how to live light, and how to find your own answers and connect to your greatest strengths.

CLICK HERE to sign up now. If you register by October 15  you’ll also receive 2 x FREE bonus lecture recordings from me to get you ready and prepared for us to drink tea, talk truth, and tame fears together. CLICK HERE now to register and find out more.


With love + laughter,

Kira x x

Making space for what you truly love.

Date: September 4, 2015

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But first, I write.

No wait, first I create space to write.

First space must be created.


This is often the hardest part of all.

Making space for what you truly love.


Clearing out




Even thoughts.

It all must go.


Take something away.

When things feel difficult,

When things aren’t working,

This is always the answer.

Take something away.



To create space.


For love.






This is what must come first.


What do you want more of in your life?

Right now in this moment. Read More

Ready to awaken?

Date: August 27, 2015

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Remember that moment when it felt like time had stopped still?

You felt so alive,

Excited and nervous at the same time.

You knew it was right.

Everything felt like it had finally come together,

And it all made sense now.


Remember what it was like to have taken that so-called risk, yet known you would be just fine?

Everything would, eventually, work out all ok.


Remember what it was like to just do something for the hell of it?

Because it was fun, because it lit you up, because it made you laugh.


Remember that time you laughed so hard your stomach hurt and your face was lined with tears of joy?


Remember when nothing seemed too hard?

You were ok.

You knew you could do it.

You didn’t know how, but you knew you’d make it work somehow.


And you did.

More than once.

You still don’t know how.



But you did.
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What it means to really commit to something.

Date: August 19, 2015

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As a recovering perfectionist the idea of doing anything less than “giving my all and doing my best” feels foreign, unsettling, and a little like I’m cheating!

However, in my dedication to you and our soulful community I have had to commit in a much deeper way, letting perfectionism slide and be replaced with purpose and presence.

In other words, somedays I just have to show up.

Even when I don’t feel like it, even when it feels hard, and even when I feel like I have nothing to give.

And of course I do give myself a break sometimes, but really, not feeling like it is not an excuse in this case.

The struggle only comes when I feel like I have to do something profound, or say something meaningful, or change someone’s life, instead of simply focusing on my purpose and being present.

This community is not you’re average community. I consider you not just a student or client of mine, but a friend. And although by all so-called “professional standards” that may be out of line, I believe the value a friendship brings can be one of the most transformational thing of all.

So even though I didn’t know what to say to you, even though I felt like I had nothing to offer, I wrote you this…..


I’m really tired today and I have nothing to write.

I’m not sure why I’m even trying to do this.

But what I know for sure is that I’m trying honour my commitment – to myself and to you.

To you the reader.

I don’t have anything inspiring to say, except that living your best life takes courage, determination, and persistence.

It’s so easy to let things slide. And although I’m a big believer in living a balanced life, sometimes you’ve just got to suck it up and get the job done.

There’s also the opportunity to shift perspective. My kinesiologist said to me the other day, why not make work play, and play work. This stuck with me.

And of course I feel tired somedays, but my work is so much more like play. I don’t have a 9-5. And although sometimes that means I can get carried away and work an 8-9 day, for the most part, I don’t work that many hours.

I could easily work for hours and hours, but my goal these days to is to be more effective and efficient in everything I do.


Because I believe to be truly effective and efficient I must be fully present.

I can’t have my thoughts jumping from one place to another, I can’t scroll my Instagram feed, or fluff around the house reorganising stuff (yes I do that).

What effectiveness and efficiency takes is presence. Full, total, one-pointed commitment and focus to what I’m doing right now.

And growing my presence power is a part of my spiritual practice that I’m deeply committed to.


I’m just so tired…..

ohhh and the distractions come again.

I ate late last night. I must be more organised.

Organisation will come when you have no choice.

Right now you’re too comfortable.

You need to be shaken up, woken up.

Discomfort creates movement.

Although these days we’re so used to being uncomfortable we get comfortable there!


LIVE LIGHT – that is your message.

You have so much to offer! So many brilliant ideas, and girl, you have endless wisdom. Where does that stuff come from?!

You are aligned with the power of something greater.

You’ve kept your child-like innocence.

But although you have access to all that power, you’re problem is, you have no idea what to do with it!

And that’s ok.

You don’t need to know where you’re going just yet.

And you don’t need to know what to do with it.

It knows what it’s doing. You don’t need to do anything.

Simply allow it.

Your soul is growing. It’s expanding.

And you ARE a channel for whatever creative magic and miracles have been chosen to move through you.

There’s nothing you can or need to do. Accept it. Allow it. Move with it.

You’re doing just fine. Expansion and growth is not a comfortable thing. You know that. You’re used to it by now.


But things are moving fast, yes, I know that.

But that’s because it needs to happen fast.

So many people are suffering, the world is in complete turmoil.

The rate and which you are growing is perhaps beyond that of others.

But in this instance you must look towards where you’re going, not what you’re leaving behind.

Your growth will become a flame that lights the way for others on the same path too.

For now surround yourself with those who are or have expanded at a fast rate too.

Seek out those who can support you on your journey.

Don’t look back, know that your movement into expansion ultimately will not be met with resistance.

You can be an example of a truly beautiful human, who is real and raw, yet existential and magnificent.


What you must refrain from doing is thinking others cannot be that too.

There’s nothing stopping them.

Remember any belief you have about yourself or your growth will become the truth.

So keep your thoughts in check. Trust in the divine. Trust life.

Avoid analysing and questioning what is happening to you.

Forget the WHY.

And ask WHAT.

What do I need to know?

Ask to be guided.



Your soul is expanding quickly and you must go with it.

There is no stopping a soul that is ready to grow. And you have been ready for such a long time.

Be careful of making this into a big thing though. It’s not.

It’s natural. It’s the way.

Everyone’s soul is growing. Some at a faster rate than others, yes, but that makes no difference, because the soul is timeless.

Time is irrelevant at the level of the soul.


It’s time darling, to let go of resistance.

This is simply your ego trying to create a conflict out of nothing.

You want to be different, but then you don’t.

You want to be alone, but then you don’t.

This is the way of the ego, of the fear-based mind.

You, my dear friend, need to know that there is no right way.

You can exert your free will as much as you care to or you can now choose to align yourself with your soul and with everything connected to it.

You have surrendered your will many times before. But you must do so daily if you want to embrace expansion and live life fully.

That’s what will allow you to unite the parts of yourself that have been disconnected from each other for too long.


What really matters is your presence.

It dissolves all perceived troubles.


Can you please just trust that you know enough, and that whatever learning you may need will come to you when you a ready for it.


Be with yourself now, and enjoy it.

Trust in yourself now, and respect it.


You are growing. You are expanding. There’s nothing you can do.

It already is.

It is already so.


If you say you embrace and surrender to this growth, then surrender now.


Not just what you do.

No, It’s not just about being guided on your path.

But surrender yourself.

Your body. Your soul.


Now, feel that resistance.

Feel the fear.

Notice the tightness in your body as you simply think of doing that.


Ok then……..

How? You ask.

How do I surrender my everything to move into growth and expansion?

Saying it isn’t enough anymore. I get that.


Daily actions, my friend.


There’s no big, transformational moment. There’s no sparks or bright lights.

Daily. Surrender.




Even when you don’t want to.

Even when you’re scared to.


Surrender it all.




So, my friend, if I can do it – YOU CAN!

What is one way you can show up today, simply by being present there, as you are?


With love + light, Kira x x


P.S. If this resonated with you I would love to support you in expanding in all areas of your life. Click here to learn more about my 4-Week Soulful Living Mentorship. We’ll spend four weeks together and I’ll support you through 1:1 mentoring and daily guidance, so can you can finally go all-out and all-in to living the fun, fulfilling and fabulous life you truly desire (and deserve!). Click here to learn more. xx