Here’s Where You’re Messing Up The Whole Gratitude Thing

Here’s Where You’re Messing Up The Whole Gratitude Thing

Date: May 28, 2016

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You’re so grateful for all that you have,

Only you don’t mean it.

Not truly.


You say you’re thankful, but out of guilt.

Out of fear.


You remind yourself of how lucky you truly are,

Because otherwise you can’t stand to face those less fortunate.


You think it’ll make you a bad person if you show off your success.

And we can’t have that now can we?



Oh no, not at all.

Only kinda, since you not owning, even flaunting, what you have.


Zipping this way and that to hide it, or minimise it, and deflect it, is NOT HUMBLE. It’s UNGRATEFUL.


You’re not owning what you have, you’re not recognising it, acknowledging it, giving up space for it.

You’re hiding it!


Who, my dear, ever told you that being humble or quiet about the things you have created or attracted into your life shows gratitude?


Honey, show how freakin’ thankful you are by putting it OUT THERE!

Be proud of what you have, and let it shine.

Don’t shun it.

For heaven’s sake, it’s ok to have what you have.


What if you were to change this internal dialogue right now?

What if I were to tell you that to FLAUNT IT is to be THANKFUL for it?

Could you swallow that truth?

Or are you too brainwashed to “lie low” and not make anyone feel jealous or sad or insecure about themselves.


You are your light, but so is YOUR LIFE, so let that damn thing burn bright baby!

Flaunt it!

Embrace it!

Love it!


That my dear ones, is what it means to be so freakin’ thankful for it.

Love, Kira x

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