How To Get What You Want At Exactly The Right Moment

How To Get What You Want At Exactly The Right Moment

Date: May 29, 2016

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I’m so fed up with the current state of the personal development industry.

Where are the greats of this industry?

The fearless warriors.

The ones who actually practice what they preach.

But also live, and live FULLY.

Stand up now!

Because I’m fed up with seeing so many people get lost in the books, the courses, all the online, social media “inspo” hype, and in the process, totally loosing connection their own power and voice.


Just last night I had this very conversation with a woman who said she spent two years spinning around in that state of not knowing who she was, and not being able to listen to her own inner voice.


I’m also fed up with people telling you change takes time, or that there’s no quick fix.


I mean really, is that how small we’re thinking these days?

What happened to the magic of miracles, of overnight transformation, instant healing?


It takes as long as you allow it to take, which is usually based on how long you believe it will take.

When did we lose sight of what’s possible and confine ourselves to the safe option, that is to say, small expectations?

Are we not living in the most advanced state of human existence ever?

We’re able to fly into space and cure long-standing illnesses, yet for you to lose 5 kgs you’re going to have to slog at it for years?


Low expectations breed low results.

I get that it takes courage to have high expectations,

And I know the world is telling you to go easy on yourself, and not expect so much from others, or from life.


Stay humble and accept what you have, they say.

But take a moment right now to think – How would things be different if you truly expected the best possible things to happen to you?


What would be different if you expected change to be easy?


What would be different if you expected more of yourself, not from a place of feeling like you’re not good enough, but from a place of knowing how powerful you truly are?


What would be different?


I get that your parents, partner, friends, boss, community, country, the whole freakin’ WORLD try to keep your expectations low, and your life, your happiness, your potential small.

But it’s not an excuse.

You can choose to stop buying into the idea that you’re not enough.

That if you read enough books, do enough things, and give up enough of your time that, only THEN, will you get what you’re seeking.


The only place you get what you want is NOW.

And the only way you get it is to expect it. Now.

And the only place you find it is from within. Now.

Getting lost along the way is part of being on the path.


We all get lost in the world for awhile before we come back home to ourselves.

If you’re on your way back, stay close to those who have already made it home.

And instead of desperately seeking a teacher, a book, an answer, flipping through pages, giving up gluten, and punishing yourself for that time you didn’t pray for peace…

Stop –

And ASK.

Ask to be guided.

Ask to know more.

Ask for an answer.

Then forget about it and get on with LIVING.

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