How to own your special gifts and talents.

How to own your gifts and talents.

Date: April 8, 2015

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Today I released the need to justify my talents and gifts.

I came to realise recently that when I talk to others about something I am doing, a blessing I have received, or anything wonderful that has/is happening in my life, I find myself justifying it.


For example I say things like “oh yes, but I’ve worked hard for it”, “yeah, well, it’s not that big of a deal”, “oh, I’m just trying it out, I’m not really sure what I’m doing”.

I realised that in some way I was trying to explain myself. Explain my gifts and all the good things I had in my life, rather than owning them.


Of course, the above statements are in some respect true, but they are not the whole truth. Yes I do work hard, but that is not the only reason I’m successful. Yes, I have had many blessings in my life, but not because “I suffered enough already” and the other things I say to justify it, but because it is my divine right to receive such blessings.


As I reflected on this insight I realised how easily I could own the not-so-good things happening in my life.


Oh yeah, that ‘stuff’ – it was all my fault. I could own that. Then try to fix it. No problem. After all, I have always been good at being hard on myself.


But today I released the need to justify all the good (and ‘bad’) things in my life and simply OWN them.


Because this is the real truth –


Whatever is happening in your life is simply a reflection of you. No matter what actions you’re taking in your daily life, more than anything, your life as it is now, is a reflection of your inner state.


So this is what I did. Rather than justifying anything I would simply say, outwardly or within”


“I have _______, because I HAVE.”


I have been blessed, because I have been blessed.

I have written a book, because I have written a book.

I am gifted and talented, because, simply – I AM.

We are as we are because we are.

There is no need to justify anything.


So will you join me? Will you release the need to justify?

Release the need to justify your talents and gifts. They are yours, by divine right, so OWN them.


Also release the need to justify the things you view as negative in your life. I hear this kind of thing a lot from my clients: “I’m in this situation because….”, “Oh, well, I can’t help it, because…..”, and so on.


As I said before, you are as you are because you are.


Over the next twenty-four hours notice the ways in which you justify, rather than own and accept, your talents, gifts, challenges, and choices.


You can begin by writing down a list of the things you need to own, for example the events that are happening in your life or the beliefs you hold. The sentence below will get you started:


I have/am ___________________ because I have/am __________________.


You can see how I have used this same sentence structure above to release my need to justify, and instead own and accept what is true for me right now.

Whatever you write in the first blank you simply repeat it in the second blank.


Here’s another example just so it’s clear.


I am driving because I am driving.

Ahhh, sweet, glorious, SIMPLE, TRUTH!

Accepting and owning what is real and true for you right now is a brilliant example of leading from within, which is the core of all my teachings.

So join me in this, and begin today.

And then I would love to hear from you.

Let me know what insight comes to you as you implement this practice into your daily life over the next twenty-four hours.

Also let me know if you get stuck or what part of this process you find most challenging.


As always, learning to lead from within is a journey.

I’m here for you, and if you want my help going deeper into this process send me an email at


And if you know someone who will benefit from this blog then share away! You can click the social media icons below to share it with your loved ones.


Take care and live true.

Love always,

Kira  x x x

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