Marhaba. Welcome to my virtual home.



I’m Kira. I’m a motivational author, speaker, and mentor to seekers, creatives, visionaries, and rebels with heart.

I am an advocate of the soul.

A warrior fighting for us all to be able to live in the light and to feel light in our lives.

I teach people, like you, how to follow their heart and live and lead from within.

I’m the author of Soul in the City: Your Soulful Guide to Survive and Thrive in the City, and the creative mind behind Kira in the Middle blog.

I’m passionate about a LOT of things, including the arts, yoga, drinking tea, and teaching you how to experience more clarity and confidence in your life.

I have been an obsessive student and teacher of both eastern and western modalities of creating health and healing in the mind, body, and soul for over a decade.

I live and breath this work 24/7. This is not a business or even a lifestyle for me these days, this is who I am.

I am a walking, talking example of how miraculous life can be when you’re tapped into your inner support system and the leader within you.

I’ve had the commitment to dedicate hours and hours a day to reading, learning, and experiencing whatever I could to continue working on myself, and I’ve also had the courage to walk away from it all and sit shaking in the silence of my own company to listen to my own voice, my own wisdom.


My work might be what you’re looking for if….

You know you have more in you.

You know there’s more to life than what you see.

You’re sick of not living fully and getting caught up in the littleness of life.

You feel like no-one else thinks the way you do and you struggle to find people who get you.

You feel called to lead in some way and are the kind of person people turn to for help and guidance.

You’re an advocate for something – anything! You speak your mind and feel called to create positive change in the world.

You’re looking for a lighter way to reach your potential.

You’re overwhelmed from all the work you’re doing on yourself and you feel more confused than ever.

You want to be part of a community of seekers who are not perfect, and embrace their spiritual screw ups daily!

You’ve had enough. You want to change. You want more. You want to live more. It’s time.


You see…

I can help you finally break free from the things that are holding you back.

I can help you live your life with ease and grace.

Because I can see through all your BS into the core of what you truly want and who you really are.

Be warned I will push you to step outside of your comfort zone and expand into the potential that is available to you in ALL areas of your life.

I won’t accept your excuses.

I won’t even acknowledge them.

I WILL help you to step up and step into living life the way you are called to.

I WILL show you how to balance your woo-woo spiritual, creative, dreamer self with showing up in a real and practical way daily.

I WILL help you to feel confident in who you are and what you want.

And I will show you how to create shifts in your energy, your mental state, and your life.

Through my work I will give YOU the skills, knowledge and inspiration you need to go out there, live your truth, and live and lead from within!


I'm Ready To Shine
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I'm Ready To Shine
(Don’t worry, we hate spam + respect privacy).