5 Ways Leading From Within Will Change Your Life.


Date: March 22, 2015

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My friend,

You were born to lead.

You were born to lead millions of people, hundreds, or a lucky few.

Or… perhaps you were born to lead one person – a very lucky one.

Or maybe, just maybe, you were born to lead yourself.  You were born to follow the wisdom of your own heart and mind, and blaze a trail that reveals itself only as you courageously walk along it.

This is what I call leading from within, and it is what I deeply believe in, consistently commit to, and teach others how to do.

Leading from within empowers you to make wise decisions and act based on a deeper understanding and knowing.

This kind of leadership, once you’re tuned into it, flows easily. It’s not forced, aggressive or controlling. It produces positive results, and can help you balance your relationships, both personally and professionally. You become a magnet, and easily attract the people and resources you need in order to lead and live a fun and fulfilling life.

If you feel called to lead in some way, it’s important your leadership comes not from ego, but from sharing your gifts and story with the world. It needs to come from the soul, from a deep place of wanting to empower others and affect positive change.

Learning to lead from within can change your life in these five incredible ways:

1.) It’s Easy!

Once you’re tuned in to your inner leader, your ability to lead is natural. You lead the way you were born to. It energises you, rather than depletes you. People respond well to your leadership, because it is natural and comes from a good place. There’s less resistance from others, in fact the opposite is true – people are drawn to you!

2.) You Feel More Fulfilled

You’re here for a reason. You are born to lead in some way, and that way is by being true to you and sharing your wisdom and gifts with the world. When you express the truth of who you are and lead from that inner truth, you levels of fulfilment and satisfaction increase dramatically.

3.) Your Mental and Physical Health Improves

When you lead from within your levels of stress, distress, fatigue, and anxiety decrease. As a result your body becomes healthier. You experience more vitality and more peace. With less stress and strain in your life, getting to sleep, and staying asleep at night is a easier.

4.) Your Relationships Thrive

Both at work and at home you will notice your relationships begin to thrive. With the pressure off, you’re able to lead those around you in a way that empowers them. It doesn’t mean you don’t get tough sometimes, of course leading requires you set clear boundaries and expectations, but those around you can sense your words and actions are in service of them not you.

5.) Fame and Fortune Are Yours!

Once you truly lead from within, and begin to actively live your truth, fulfil your purpose, and share your gifts with the world, you will manifest the most magnificent and incredible things in your life. This I know for sure. It can’t be any other way. The gifts, the synchronicity, the passion, the ideas, the money, the life of your dreams will flood in like you can’t possibly imagine.

Leading from within requires only two things: confidence and clarity.

With those two things you will experience more ease, more fulfilment, and more fun than ever before.

Learning to lead from within can start with this simple step:

Every morning before you get up and get dressed, decide who you want to be today.

Of course you’re YOU, but in what way?

What exactly do you want to bring forth today, who do you want to be while you do it? How will you show up, in your life, for yourself and for others?

In my work as a spiritual leadership coach I help all kinds of people discover how to lead from within.

Whether it’s a CEO, stay-at-home mum, small business entrepreneur, health worker or healer, learning to lead from within can change your life in so many incredible ways.

It really is a path to living a life of passion, fulfilment, joy, success, and love.

It’s time to LOVE the leader within you, unleash your true power, and share your gifts with the world.

And if you want my help and want to learn more about how I lead from within email me at kira@kirajean.com.  I’ll teach you how to lead from within and help you begin to lead the way you were born to.

Wishing you lots of love and courage,

Kira  x x

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