Kira in the Middle of a MELTDOWN.

Kira in the Middle (of a meltdown).  How

Date: March 10, 2015

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I have no idea if this podcast will be useful for you.

I simply felt guided to record myself in the middle of a semi-meltdown.

I was totally trying to control everything, to the point of really working myself up  into a highly stressed state.

The situation itself wasn’t stressful at all, rather my attachments and need to control EVERYTHING were getting in the way of me being present and calm in the moment.

Through this experience I gained huge insight into what was really important to me.  You’ll hear me talk about my journey from a girl with a backpack to know having a wonderful home that I adore.

Challenges are one of our greatest teachers.

As you listen to this recording you will notice how I was able to witness my reaction to the situation and turn it around with a simple prayer and by being compassionate towards myself.

I recorded this podcast while in the middle of this high stress, controlling, fear-based emotional state, so I ramble on for awhile until I reach a point of understanding, compassion, and finally release from the fear and need to control.

Click play below to listen to my meltdown and how I turn it around.

I would love to hear from you in the comments below.

How does control and fear show up for you in relation to material things?

What can you value and honour within yourself today?

Do you find it hard to be compassionate towards yourself?

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