Nothing Works When It’s Your Soul That’s Tired

nothing works when it's your soul that's tired.1

Date: May 15, 2016

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In yoga we work with life force energy, the energy of life that moves through all aspects of beings – the body, mind and soul.

We live in a very real world and our physical existence can often take over our attention leaving our emotions and thoughts unchecked and our souls tired.

If your soul is tired you’ll find yourself struggling in certain areas of your life, despite doing everything you can to improve them. You’ll not be able to lose weight no matter how well you eat or exercise. You won’t be able to have a successful relationship no matter how much you do and put into it. You won’t be able to live a financially abundant life no matter how much you work or hustle.

When your soul is tired your life force energy will be blocked, stagnate, and imbalanced, and this will manifest is all kinds of ways in your life.

You’ve got to get your s#*t sorted out soul-wise, make sure you’re living life from the inside out, and living a life that’s aligned with who you truly are + the deepest desires you hold in your heart.

I’m not saying quit your day job and follow your dreams, of course that’s one way to feed your soul, but there’s many different ways to do it.

First you’ve got to be willing to look at it, and stop kidding yourself that things are ok as they are, and that when the time is right you’ll take care of those things.

Everyday I have people walk into my yoga class wanting to tone up, be healthy, lose weight. A few weeks later they’re sitting on their mat unable to do the poses because they binged on potato chips the night before and only slept an hour or two.

I say that with compassion, because I used to be that student.

Their soul is tired, their thoughts and emotions are unchecked, and so they give into things they KNOW are not good for them, because they don’t have the energy not to.

They continue fighting with themselves to change, but it doesn’t ever work because the imbalance is not in the body, it’s in the soul and mind.

It’s my greatest hope for people to get that your body IS your mind, IS your soul. I beg, stop treating yourself as if you’re made up of different little parts, because THAT is what will forever keep you feeling like you’re broken.

At my Soul in the City VIP Day I’m giving all my soul driven, wellness living, big dreaming women a soul tune-up.

I mentioned it as part of the “what you get” details for the event, but I don’t think anyone really understood what it means nor how powerful it truly is. They will, of course, on the day. :)

It’s time to start truly living and leading from within. Instead of focusing on your body OR your mind OR your soul, the focus needs to be on YOU, the whole you!

It might feel overwhelming to try and fix it all, or do it all, but it’s not that difficult, I promise.

Remember taking care of your body is going to WAY harder if your soul is tired and your thoughts and emotions unchecked.

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