Three Key Ways to Build Your Spiritual Muscles.

3 Key Ways to Build Your Spiritual

Date: June 4, 2015

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As it is with anything, living and leading from within requires continuous commitment and dedication, followed by taking daily steps to stay connected to your internal world. And in a world that is so much about the ‘external’ stuff, this can be a huge challenge.


There are three key ways to commit to living and leading from within and to help you build your spiritual muscles.

These are:


  • Contemplation
  • Meditation, and
  • Prayer


These three actions are what you can use to ‘tone up’ and ‘show up’, and create an external world that reflects a more aligned and stress-free internal world.

All three steps help you unite your mind, body, and soul, to relieve fear and suffering, and guide you towards freedom, fulfilment, and even, fun!


Why should you build your spiritual muscles?

Well, because you want to be happy right?

You want to feel energised, supported, and loved?

Because you know there’s more to life than just working 9-5, fighting your way through traffic, and putting up with toxic people in your life.


Really, it comes down to knowing there’s more.

There’s so much more than this. You can feel it.

You’re sensitive to it.

You’re sensitive to the world, to what’s happening to the people around you, and to what’s happening within you.


There’s no doubt about it, you need spiritual stamina to live in the light and lead from within.


So, regardless of religion, experience, age, occupation, knowledge, or character, these three spiritual workouts WILL work for you. How you choose to implement them, though, is up to you. There’s many variations and I hold no hard and fast rules about how it should be done. Tune in to your own heart and decide for yourself how you want to embrace your spiritual workouts.


But, of course, to help you get started I’ll give you some examples of how I build my spiritual muscles.



When was the last time you allowed your mind to wander? When did you last allow your thoughts to drift off and dream, imagine, and create?

Contemplation allows you the opportunity to develop your senses. It allows you the opportunity to be present, in the moment, but also move into the past and future.

It is great for increasing creativity, producing insight and clarity, and deepening your desires.

I use contemplation most often in the morning. I like to wake up early around 5-5:30am. I make myself breakfast, and then enjoy having time to get lost in thought. Dreaming, creating, imagining, and noticing.

It requires that you be in a state of ease, and it requires time. It will take time for you to relax and your mind to open. It is only then that your thoughts, insights, and ideas will begin to fill the space you’ve created in your mind.


If I don’t have enough time for this in the morning, say at least half an hour, then I will try to enjoy a cup of tea in the afternoon, and use that time for contemplation.

I personally try to avoid contemplation at night, as I find my thoughts are often more scatty in the evening and have on many occasions ended up having a sleepless night because my mind has wandered off too far!


So here is my tip for you. Take time every day to dream.

Take time to relax into the moment, forgetting about your to-do lists, your tasks, errands, and must do’s.

Forget about what happened yesterday and what is awaiting you.

Look out into the distance, and let your mind go.

Let it be free. Begin to dream. Imagine. AND create.

There are ways in which this process can be halted, so watch out for them! Try to avoid interfering with the thoughts that come into your mind, either by judging them, questioning them, avoiding or trying to hold onto them.

This spiritual workout only works if you allow yourself to relax and your mind to be free.



Meditation I believe is the art of “L”.

Looking, listening, letting go, and loving.

While many see meditation as sitting in a crossed-legged position and chanting, or alternatively lying on your back listening to the sounds of the ocean, for me, meditation is the simple, yet profound, practice of the four “L’s” I mentioned above.

As you begin to build your spiritual muscles you may need to designate a particular time for your meditation workout. In that sense, sitting or lying down in a comfortable position will be useful.


Meditation is about quietening the mind. It’s NOT about extinguishing your thoughts. It truly is about

Looking (at your thoughts)

Listening (to your inner wisdom, spirit, heart, God, the universe)

Letting Go (of your thoughts and emotions as they arise), and

Loving (yourself, others, life, the universe, everything).


I don’t always create a ritual around meditating everyday, but I do take time to practice the four “L’s”.

Sometimes it’s simply taking a few minutes in my car to breath before I head into a meeting. Sometimes it’s on my yoga mat, and sometimes it’s when I take a break from writing to clear my head and remember why I do this.



Prayer can be practiced in many different ways.

It is much more than a wish.

It is more than even having hope.

It is essentially – faith.

It is about practicing faith, forgiveness, and thankfulness.

Prayer is so often considered a religious or ritual custom, but in essence it is the simple, universal practice of faith.

Prayer is perhaps the most powerful and signifiant practice you can implement in order to build your spiritual muscles.


If you find the word “prayer” doesn’t work for you call it “handing it over”.

This is how I often refer to it.

Got a problem? Hand it over.

Not sure if you can do it? Hand it over.

Worried about where you’re going? Hand it over.

Don’t know what’s the right choice? Hand it over.

Are you really trying to make something work, but no matter what you do, it’s not happening?

Hand. It. Over.

Often I literally put my hands out in front of me with my palms facing up and say “right. I hand it over”.


In meditation you simply observe, while in contemplation you allow your mind to wander and explore unlimited potential. You gently question and inquire (not judge) your thoughts.

In prayer you take action through your words (whether you say them in your head or out loud) in order to connect to something outside of yourself.

Through prayer you connect to that which is beyond the walls of your body and mind.


Other ways to do this include:

  • Saying a gratitude prayer (thank you for all the blessings in my life)
  • Asking for guidance (please show me the way)
  • Asking for assistance (please give me the strength to forgive)


These three key workouts for building your spiritual muscles require one thing – surrender.


In contemplation you must surrender your need to control.

In meditation you must surrender your need to control.

In prayer you must surrender your need to control.


Notice a theme here? ;-)


Surrender. That big, crazy, scary, unnerving thing to do.

Letting go.

Handing it over.

Yikes! It’s just so hard sometimes.

But so, so, so worth it.


And by committing to these three workouts for your spiritual muscles, you’ll soon gain the strength and skills you need to be able to surrender with ease, and feel totally supported and held.


Now get to it!

With love, Kira x x x


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