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Date: January 13, 2015

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Hey gorgeous!

This week has been a crazy one for me!

My husband and I have moved into our new home and while I love building a life within it’s walls I’ve been struggling to keep all my balls in the air, so to speak.  I’ve got so many things on the go.

I’ve been working on my book Soul in the City for what feels like forever now, and I finally feel like it’s almost ready to go out into the world.

This has been a massive stretch for me.

I’ve fought off a lot of resistance and had to dig deep to bring this book to life.

My perfectionist streak has reared it’s head one too many times, and I’ve had to be mindful of self-sabotage throughout the whole process.  It’s been a massive stretch, but one that I needed.

Speaking of being stretched, it’s the topic of this week’s v-log.  I really feel 2015 for both of us, is going to be a year of stretching ourselves.

You can watch this week’s episode of Kira in the Middle by clicking the video below.

I hope you enjoy it!

Leave a comment below and let me know in what ways do you need to stretch in life, and also what one thing are you going to do that will stretch you today?  And of course, if you feel someone else could benefit from this message then click the share buttons below.

With endless love,  Kira  x


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