Happy Holidays!

Date: December 24, 2014

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Happy Holidays! Check out the video below for my Happy Holidays message and a little special something I’ve created for you for the year ahead. I’m so psyched for 2015 and in this video you’ll find out why.

Stay safe and stay strong. Best wishes for the holiday season.

Love always, Kira x x

Forget Google. Here’s where you’ll find your answers . {the art of journaling}.

Date: December 12, 2014

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It’s my belief and understanding that we have access to all the answers we seek. The majority of answers lie deep within, and are only found through stillness, breakdowns, and breakthroughs. The other kind of answers come to us when we are open to receiving. Many answers appear subtly in our lives, and we assume they are coincidences or unrelated. The best place to look when confused, anxious, unsure, and pensive, is within.

But the problem is, we rarely ever look in that direction. We are taught to seek answers outside of ourselves in external circumstances, information, and even in the opinions of others.

I want to be clear, the answers I refer to are the ones that are “heavily-loaded”. They are emotionally charged and our need for clarity, certainty, and understanding, yet the lack of it, creates emotional imbalance and turmoil in our lives.

Seeking new information is not a bad thing. Searching for an answer to an intellectual question, might be frustrating at times at the most, but it’s usually not heavily charged with emotion. Similarly, seeking to learn understand and the wisdom of others is also desirable and necessary. Read More

Are you getting in the way of someone else’s healing?

Date: December 1, 2014

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I want to be completely honest with you.  I haven’t been serving you in the full capacity I know I can.  I’ve been hiding a little bit.  I’ve been playing it safe.  And it’s not working.  It’s not what’s right for me, and therefore it’s not what’s best for you.

I’m kind, reasonable, and calm by nature, but I’m also realistic, practical, and pretty good at telling hard truths.  So consider this a little warning.  :) Things are going to be shaken up here, and as a result bigger, scarier, deeper, transformations are going to happen!

One of the challenges we face is balancing our desire to help others and be of service with having our own personal boundaries, and an ability to stand back and allow another person to go through whatever it is they may be experiencing at that time.  I don’t say this as though I’ve mastered it.  It’s something I continuously work on.  As someone who works in the health and healing industry it’s so important that we understand the ways in which we can sometimes, unknowingly, interfere with another person’s healing. Read More

What is your superpower?

Date: October 20, 2014

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There is something in this world you can do better than anyone else.  It might look similar to what other people are doing, but there’s something different.  When it’s infused with your authentic nature, your own wisdom, knowledge, passion, and flavour, it stands out.  It might not stand out to you, but it stands out for others.  People leave your presence feeling changed.

In today’s v-log I talk about what it means to have a superpower, and how to figure out what it is.
Read More

How to turn things around and take back control when faced with challenges.

Date: October 12, 2014

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Often our biggest challenge is not the actual challenge or problem we face, but our struggle to stay grounded, connected, and clear in our mind when we face it.

Challenges bring up all kinds of emotions and thoughts, and it’s often hard to separate ourselves from our emotional and mental tangle to look at the challenge clearly.

You make your wisest decisions when you are grounded in clarity and confidence, but certain thoughts and emotions can get in the way of that.

In today’s v-log I share with you my insight on something I have been struggling with myself, and I explain what simple tool I used to overcome my personal challenges, and become grounded in clarity and confidence again. Read More

Overcome perfectionism and create your own brand of fabulous.

Date: September 30, 2014

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“I’m so amazing.  I’m perfect.  In every way.  I was born that way!”.


Ha!  Do you know what happened when I just said that to myself?  This voice came into my head and said “oh my god, who do you think you are”, “what will people think of you if you actually publish that!”.

I’ve heard this kind of self-trash-talk sooooo many times before.  It’s annoying, unnecessary, repetitive, and just plain old boring!

Now I laugh at these kind of rubbish thoughts and do whatever I want anyway.  But I tell you, it wasn’t always that way.

So now it’s your turn to try this little experiment. Go on.


Say to yourself, “I’m so amazing.  I’m perfect.  In every way.  I was born that way!”.


What was your next thought after this statement?

Was it mean?  Degrading?  Was it sheer disbelief?  Was it, Kira’s gone mad, what’s this rubbish she’s talking about?  Was it laughter?  Ridicule? Read More

The only fashion advice I’ll ever give you.

Date: September 17, 2014

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Hi gorgeous one,

Today the funniest thing happened.  I was in my car, which is where most of my good ideas show up for me, and I had this hilarious thing come to my mind.  A story I wanted to share with you.  I wasn’t sure if I should share it or not, but then I thought “oh well, what the hell”.  Let me warn you now though, this is probably the closest you’re ever going to get to receiving fashion advice from me.

I’m an inside out kind of woman.

I believe taking care of my mind, body, and soul is where the true beauty lies.  In saying that, I do love me a little fashion.  What I wear is one of the ways I express myself.  And to be honest, it’s not so much about what I wear, but more about how I feel when I wear it.It’s only been recently though, that I’ve felt like my outside truly reflects who am I am on the inside.

In the beginning of my yoga journey, I quickly subscribed to the idea that beauty lies within – exclusively.  I rejected the idea of taking care of the “outer me”, and became negligent about my appearance, to say the least.  On the flip side, there’s been times pre-yoga when I’ve been overly obsessed with my appearance.  At this point in my life I was lacking awareness of the depth and value of my inner qualities.

To sum it up, in the last few years I’ve gone from a back-packing homeless yogi, to living in a big villa in Dubai, with more luxury surrounding me than I ever thought possible. Read More

How to have better boundaries as “a helper”. My tips to help you NOT be drained by other people’s problems.

Date: September 8, 2014

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In my coaching I often coach people quite similar to me.  They’re helpers.  They want to help others.  They want to improve themselves, and the world.

Usually these clients come to me with a great level of resistance.  It’s hard for them to admit they need support.  That they’re not coping.

They come to me at a point when they’re burnt out, dried up, and disconnected from themselves and their own needs.

Their energy has been focused so outwardly they have spent their own reserves and forgotten to help themselves.

I find it so rewarding offering my guidance to these kinds of people, because this is something I have struggled with my whole life.  I know how hard it is as a helper to have boundaries.

It’s hard to know when to pull back and let go.

I believe helping others is one of the greatest gifts we can give to the world.  However, helping others does not serve them, you, or the world, if it leaves you depleted, burnt out, and resentful.


“Remember, if you ever need a helping hand you’ll find one at the end of your arm.

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How to know when to keep trying and when to give up.

Date: September 1, 2014

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I believe one of the biggest challenges we face when trying to create positive change in our lives, is knowing when to give up and when to push on. In life, and in business, we are faced with moment to moment choices, and in the face of fear, self-doubt, and uncertainty, it can be hard to know exactly what choice to make.

In this v-log I talk about EXPANSION. I talk about how using the concept of expansion is a more realistic way of determining what is right for you as opposed to what simply feels right or feels good.

I know if you’re reading this and following my work then you want to expand.  Even if you don’t know it yet, I know you’re a mover and shaker.  You can’t help it.  Even when you try to play small, you can’t.

You get battered, bruised, broken down, and thrown around on your way towards expanding.


Why is this whole expansion thing so bloody exhausting?

What’s the point of it all?

If improving myself and my life is like going to battle, why do I do it?

And who or what am I even battling anyway?

I hear ya. I ask myself the same things all the time. Read More

Save time and energy: my top 10 tips for working (and living!) smarter

Date: August 11, 2014

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The world today is on high speed.

I’m not against the speed, I’m a fast mover myself.  If I have an idea, dream, or realisation I swiftly move towards making it happen, or at the very least taking steps towards it. Read More