Feel good about yourself and stop the trash-talking!

Date: May 25, 2015

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I want you to feel good about yourself.

I want you to accept a compliment with grace and gratitude.

I want you to know how brilliant you really are.

I want you to know how beautiful you really are.

I want you to own it.

Own it all.

Everything single thing about you!

And I want that for me too.

Listen to this podcast to hear about the new commitment I’ve made to myself.

I am sure you will feel motivated to make the same commitment too.


Please get in touch with me at kira@kirajean.com, I would love to support you in your commitment towards self-love.

As I mentioned in the podcast below are the links I recommend you check out:

The Body Image Movement Video

Trash-talking an apple

Onwards and upwards my friend.

Let’s work on this together.


Not the wishy-washy kind.

The “I’m freakin’ over feeling crap about myself, my life, and everything else in between!” kind.

I’ve committed to practicing self-love even more.

And to loving my life – totally.

Are you in?

Lots of love, Kira x x

How to know when to keep trying and when to give up.

Date: September 1, 2014

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I believe one of the biggest challenges we face when trying to create positive change in our lives, is knowing when to give up and when to push on. In life, and in business, we are faced with moment to moment choices, and in the face of fear, self-doubt, and uncertainty, it can be hard to know exactly what choice to make.

In this v-log I talk about EXPANSION. I talk about how using the concept of expansion is a more realistic way of determining what is right for you as opposed to what simply feels right or feels good.

I know if you’re reading this and following my work then you want to expand.  Even if you don’t know it yet, I know you’re a mover and shaker.  You can’t help it.  Even when you try to play small, you can’t.

You get battered, bruised, broken down, and thrown around on your way towards expanding.


Why is this whole expansion thing so bloody exhausting?

What’s the point of it all?

If improving myself and my life is like going to battle, why do I do it?

And who or what am I even battling anyway?

I hear ya. I ask myself the same things all the time. Read More

Detox your body with this simple breathing exercise.

Date: August 4, 2014

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Today I share with you a simple practice that will drastically improve your mental and emotional wellbeing.

I show you how to start detoxing your body effectively. Read More

The Secret to Reaching You’re Perfect Weight.

Date: June 29, 2014

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Hello my love. Now is the time of year when our city slows down during the day and comes alive at night. The energy shifts and the days seem longer, even though the work hours are shorter. Ramadan is a time of deep reflection, gratitude, and giving. Read More