Forget Google. Here’s where you’ll find your answers . {the art of journaling}.


Date: December 12, 2014

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It’s my belief and understanding that we have access to all the answers we seek. The majority of answers lie deep within, and are only found through stillness, breakdowns, and breakthroughs. The other kind of answers come to us when we are open to receiving. Many answers appear subtly in our lives, and we assume they are coincidences or unrelated. The best place to look when confused, anxious, unsure, and pensive, is within.

But the problem is, we rarely ever look in that direction. We are taught to seek answers outside of ourselves in external circumstances, information, and even in the opinions of others.

I want to be clear, the answers I refer to are the ones that are “heavily-loaded”. They are emotionally charged and our need for clarity, certainty, and understanding, yet the lack of it, creates emotional imbalance and turmoil in our lives.

Seeking new information is not a bad thing. Searching for an answer to an intellectual question, might be frustrating at times at the most, but it’s usually not heavily charged with emotion. Similarly, seeking to learn understand and the wisdom of others is also desirable and necessary.

However, looking for answers externally to questions such as “why do I keep doing this?”, “why can’t I stop?”, “why isn’t this working?”, “what’s wrong with him?”, “why am I here?”, “what’s wrong with the world?”, just doesn’t work. And most of the time we don’t ask ourselves these kind of question in such a clear-cut way. Usually what we identify first are the emotions. A feeling of uneasiness, monotony, despair, resistance, anger, frustration, and so on.

One of the most powerful ways to see what lies beneath these feelings is journaling.

I talk about journaling a lot in my work, because it is so powerful. What I’ve realised though, is not everyone knows how to journal effectively. I’ve discovered there really is an art to it, and once you learn the skills and how to journal effectively, you will gain incredible insight into what holds you back and what’s really important to you. Journaling can work like magic.  You can create fast, impactful changes in your life just by writing stuff down.

Honestly, it works. I’m so sure it works that I’ve filmed this short video below to explain the art of journaling.

I would love to hear from you.  If you already journal, what’s been the biggest impact it’s had on your life?  If you’re new to journaling, which of these practices will you adopt today?

*Reflect and release journaling

*Stream of consciousness journaling

*Gratitude journaling, or

*Creative journaling

As always feel free to get in touch over here if you have any questions or would like to work with me one on one.

And I would love you to share this video and help me spread this message.   With love and gratitude,  Kira  x x

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