The Secret to Reaching You’re Perfect Weight.


Date: June 29, 2014

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Hello my love. Now is the time of year when our city slows down during the day and comes alive at night. The energy shifts and the days seem longer, even though the work hours are shorter. Ramadan is a time of deep reflection, gratitude, and giving.

This year I am fasting for the first time. At times in my life I really struggled with emotional eating and a challenging relationship with food. This would have been the worst time for me to try fasting. Now I already have a healthy and positive relationship with food, so fasting is a way of honouring that relationship, deepening my personal spiritual practice, and showing gratitude.

For a few weeks now I have wanted to share a v-log with you about my secret to having a healthy relationship with food and reaching your perfect weight. It’s a secret very few people talk about and it can be so powerful.

Find out the secret in the v-log below. I hope it serves you.

Now I would love to hear from you, leave a comment below.

* What is your gratitude statement?
* How has it helped you?
* What changes have you noticed?

If you want more guidance on this sign up for The Soul-Shaker Program (SSP). Through this program we really look deeply into your relationship with food and help you to develop more clarity and confidence to make the right choices for you. Today’s v-log is to get you started on a practice of what is called “mindful eating”.  We work on this in the SSP, and it is through this practice and guided self-inquiry that you begin to develop a positive relationship with food and a deeper understanding of what you need to do to reach your optimal health and fitness goals.

For more great resources like this join the tribe and connect with me on my social media sites.  Wishing you a blessed month.

Love + gratitude,  Kira  x x

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