Too Busy Is Not A Valid Excuse!

too busy is not a valid excuse

Date: May 18, 2016

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It worries me when people say “I’m too busy to journal or I don’t have the energy to workout”. I let it go, of course, they’re at where they’re at, and I’m not in the business of judging them for it or convincing them that taking care of their inner state will improve every other area of their life. If they don’t get it, they don’t.

Most of my clients are highly successful, high-achieving people who’s schedule is so packed it would make your head roll. Yet they still take care of their mind, body, and soul, because they KNOW it’s the only way they can show up for themselves, their work, their relationships, and their mission the way they want to. Successful people get it.

It’s the people who are not as successful as they’d like to be, that sit on the fence when it comes to these things, and aren’t convinced investing in themselves is an absolute must have.

They say they’re too busy, but if they WERE truly busy they’d be investing in taking care of their mind, body, and soul, because when you ARE that busy it’s the only way to succeed!

Of course, success is not only about how wealthy you are or how much you achieve. Success is ultimately about how much of your potential you realize.
Wealth or success at work, at the expense of your health, happiness or relationships, is not true success. People who ARE wealthy and successful in their work know that. :) Busy is a state of mind. It’s 100% possible to have a full-to-the-brim schedule and still have peace of mind. But if you’re using “too busy” as an excuse, then that’s exactly how you’re going to feel.

Now more than ever, as the pressures of this world close in on you, you no longer have the luxury to NOT invest in yourself.
The world as it is today requires a higher level of consciousness from you, and if you fail to realize it, and access it, you’ll end up getting swept up by life and carried into old age without ever fully showing up for your life in the way you could have.
You’ll regret it. You’ll end up wishing you had realized “busy” is a choice, and “later” doesn’t exist.

Of course, you may not be chasing massive wealth or success, but don’t you just want to be happy, and at ease with yourself and the world?


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