The Spotlight: Meet the UAE’s environmental expert and watch the video that made me cry.

Date: August 18, 2014

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I came across the work of Emirati national, Lamis Harib, months ago.  I was moved to tears by a video I watched on YouTube that was created by her organisation.  Seriously, I was so excited and interested in the work she was doing, I couldn’t get enough of it!  I admit, I basically started stalking her, until finally, I got to met the woman I now call my environmental hero.

She just gets it.

Trust me, if you do nothing else today, you’ve got to check out this woman’s work.

Watch her video (yes it’s the one that made me cry!) below.



For the Arabic version click here.


In this episode of The Spotlight I interview Lamis Harib, the United Arab Emirates’ environmental expert and change agent, and the voice and creator behind that incredible video.

From listening to Lamis talk on many occasions I have learned that we are basically fixing a problem instead finding creative solutions that no longer create the problem in the first place.  We are being misled by the “green movement” and it’s frightening.

The terms “green” and “environmentally-friendly” are being thrown around so easily these days, we are being misled into believing we are helping the planet.  And of course we are, in some way.  But the problem is not going away.  We are essentially putting a band-aid on the wound instead of addressing the root cause.

I know, addressing the root cause of the destruction of our planet feels a little overwhelming, right?

Heck, it blows my mind completely!

So think of it like this.  So many diseases and illnesses exist today due to the levels of toxicity that are leaked into our environment by everyday products and environmental pollutions.  Do you know what products and materials are bad for your health?  I knew a little bit about this, but not a lot to be honest.

I get it.  I totally understand that it’s hard to imagine anything we do could have a big enough impact on the world.  But you’re not that kind of person, I know it.  You don’t think small.  You’re a visionary.  You’re creative, inspiring, and you care.

Deep down you DO believe in your potential to create positive change in the world.


The question is, how?


Watch my interview with Lamis and learn one very simple way that you can have an impact.





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